“Only just beginning”: Trump’s farewell speech sparks alarm as his words spark fear and anger

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UPDATE: Trump posted a video of his farewell speech on YouTube right after this article was originally published. You can watch the speech in its entirety at the end of the text.

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How do you say goodbye after months of denying that you actually lost the election, an insurrection attempt, and a second impeachment?

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Donald Trump is set to show us how in his farewell address to be delivered at the Air Force’s Joint Base Andrews in the wee hours of an inauguration day morning that’s turning out quite differently than his twisted mind might have imagined.

The Washington Post’s White House reporter Seun Min Kim got a glance at the remarks that Trump is preparing for his sendoff tomorrow as released by his aides, and it shows a defeated exiting president still clinging to delusions of future grandeur and success.

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While the full text of the planned speech has yet to be posted on the whitehouse.gov web repository, even this brief excerpt of Trump’s intended farewell epistle garnered substantial blowback among those who saw the journalist’s post on social media.

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Add your name to call for the arrest of Republicans in Congress who gave recon “tours” to Trump’s insurgents!



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Whatever else Trump may add to his farewell speech, his legacy of failure, bigotry, and hatred will follow him the rest of his life, the majority of the remainder of which he will likely spend in courtrooms and the prison system.

That’s the movement we want to see: Trump’s removal from a life of liberty and freedom and into the incarceration that will finally provide accountability for his criminal presidency.

Here is the complete video of Donald Trump’s farewell address.

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