Pistol-packing Colorado QAnon Rep. condemned after her posts about Pelosi’s location are revealed

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Calls for the expulsion from Congress and the arrest of Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) flooded social media today after it was revealed that the extremist, conspiracy-minded Congresswoman tweeted details of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s location in the middle of the mob invasion of the Capitol Building.

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Congresswoman Boebert’s actions during the storming of Congress are raising concerns that the gun-toting lawmaker may have been aiding and abetting the violent insurrectionists.

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Sometime during the chaotic intrusion into Congress by hordes of MAGA supporters bent on reversing the democratic results of the 2020 presidential election, Rep. Boebert was tweeting to her conspiracy-loving followers while other legislators were seeking safe shelter and fearing for their lives.

While Boebert couldn’t provide the exact location to which Pelosi had been spirited away, her insider information would have helped any of the violent terrorists in the crowd — the ones that brought zip-ties, tire irons, pepper spray, and other weapons along with them with the intent of dragging democratically elected representatives to the makeshift gallows that they had erected on the Capitol grounds — narrow down their search for the figures they wished to subject to their perverted vision of vigilante justice.

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Rep. Boebert had obvious fantasies about being some sort of Revolutionary War Tea Party hero judging by another post she made yesterday well before the insurrection began, placing her among the congressional instigators and enablers of the seditious mob.

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As such, people on social media clamored loudly for Congresswoman Boebert to be removed from Congress per Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Consitution whose clearly-stated mandates they cited in their response to the rebellious legislator’s post.

Many posts went even further and urged the FBI to arrest the Congresswoman immediately for being an active participant in the treasonous invasion with her helpful tweets to those seeking out the Democratic House Speaker.


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Congresswoman Boebert’s words and actions both before and during the right-wing insurrection should disqualify her permanently from ever stepping foot again into the chambers whose trust she violated with her seditious support for a violent revolutionary attack.

Let’s hope that Speaker Pelosi intends on holding accountable those members of the House who were actively complicit with the perpetrators of this unprecedented assault on our democracy and that Boebert winds up being an asterisk in the footnotes of history rather than the Civil War hero she so obviously desired becoming.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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