Trump supporters armed with AR-15s clash with state police as they try to invade Oregon legislature

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The fallout from Donald Trump’s extended tantrum over his election loss and his bogus claims of a stolen election is beginning to get real and dangerous.

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Emulating the armed militias who invaded the Michigan state legislature back in the spring, a large group of gun-toting extremists tried to force their way into a closed special legislative session of the Oregon state legislature that was convened to consider pandemic relief and public health measures in the state.

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The angry militant right-wing extremists clashed with police at a “Stop the Steal” rally being held outside the state Capitol building in Salem, Oregon, and law enforcement was forced to declare an unlawful assembly this morning as a small number of the armed group managed to partially push their way into the building in anger over what they considered to be an “illegitimate” session closed to the public.

Freelance journalist Laura Jedeed was on the scene and live-tweeted events as they unfolded. Her account below is a chilling description of what happens when a defeated president promulgates fake accusations about election mischief and erodes people’s trust in governmental institutions.

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Things apparently unraveled quickly.

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It didn’t take long for the militants to demonstrate both their fondness for conspiracy theories and their inherent racism.

Of course, there was no lack of opportunistic state Republican politicians on the scene to encourage the militants for their own selfish political purposes and make the whole situation even worse.

The armed insurgents apparently have as little respect for democracy as the president they support.

Ironically, the people fighting with the police were likely the same ones who were marching against defunding law enforcement during the state’s BLM protests earlier this year. Their tone has changed considerably since then.

Anyone who may have thought recent talk about an impending civil war was overblown may want to reconsider their opinion after listening to some of the AR-15-toting revolutionaries in Salem, Oregon.

Oddly, these folks still consider themselves to be patriotic.

What is most depressing about this violent protest is that these folks can’t recognize that it was the failure of the president whose loss they seek to reverse to properly manage the pandemic that has caused their current desperation.

Jedeed perceptively notes that police are treating the right-wing militias with kid gloves compared to how progressives at BLM protests have been handled with violent suppression.

Still, some of the protestors are finally learning first hand about what the BLM marchers’ calls for an end to brutal policing were trying to inform them about.

At this point, law enforcement had finally reached the limits of its patience, and the police declared an unlawful assembly.


Jedeed continued to live-tweet the denouement of the protest of around 150 militants, but the worst part of the attempted invasion of the Capitol building was over by now.

You can read the rest of Laura Jadeed’s Twitter thread here, with more video from the armed conflict promised later today.

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The fruit of Donald Trump’s malevolent propaganda is ready for harvest, and this fracas in Oregon today is likely just the beginning.

This is what the incoming Biden administration will need to deal with as it takes office with Donald Trump likely egging on his followers from the sidelines. The new president will have to take swift action to avoid more of these types of desperate right-wing militias from breaking out in the kind of violent revolutionary acts that they always like to accuse Antifa of committing.

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Original reporting by Laura Jadeed and by Sara Cline at The Associated Press

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