May 19, 2022

Attorney General Barr refuses to give Trump his special counsel to investigate election fraud claims

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Attorney General William Barr may need to reconsider his early departure from the Trump administration.


Last week Barr announced that he would be ending his tenure heading up the Justice Department on this Wednesday before the administration officially ends less than a month later on January 20th with the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Now, with Donald Trump seemingly getting crazier and more unhinged by the second — discussing the declaration of martial law to rerun the elections in the swing states he lost with his pardoned former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and considering appointing his most discredited attorney Sidney Powell, who is unbelievably even more incompetent and prone to deranged conspiracy theories than even Rudy Giuliani, as a special counsel to investigate his accusations of election fraud — the nation improbably may need Barr to remain in office a few more weeks just to restrain Trump from doing something even more dangerous to our country.

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That the once-loyal lapdog to the departing president — a man who lied about the contents of the Mueller investigation, tried to drop the prosecution of Michael Flynn and took numerous other actions of dubious ethics and legality in order to protect his boss — is now abandoning Trump in defeat was made all the more clear today as Barr declared in a press conference that he would not agree to appoint Powell — or anyone else — as a special counsel to investigate the lame-duck president’s evidence-free claims of massive voter fraud.

“If I thought a special counsel at this stage was the right tool and was appropriate, I would name one, and I haven’t, and I’m not going to,” the Attorney General told the assembled journalists.

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While Barr claimed that there is some fraud in “most elections,” his comments stating that the level of malfeasance was too small to affect the outcome of this election hark back to his earlier refusal to join the Trump voter fraud conspiracy train earlier this month, a move that reportedly enraged the desperate president whose future prosecutions hang in the balance.

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Of course, Barr can decline to name a special counsel this week and then Jeffrey Rosen, the replacement Acting Attorney General already appointed by Trump, can simply decide to rescind that decision and bow to the unhinged president’s desires.

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In this craziest of years, who would have thought that we would be looking to Bill Barr as someone who we would be begging to stick around longer to prevent Trump from doing something that is too drastic for even the most obsequious of his enablers, a right-wing ideologue whom progressives have been condemning for the entirety of his term?

You can watch a clip of Attorney General William Barr contradicting his patron and telling the world that there is no need for a special counsel to investigate voter fraud in the video clip below.

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