May 26, 2022

Ivanka Trump gets hammered by critics after saying lockdown rules “not grounded in science”

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One would think that a day after the electoral college made her father’s loss to Joe Biden official, Ivanka Trump would just shut her pie-hole.

Unfortunately, she is too much like her dad, Donald Trump, to maintain a respectful silence in the face of humiliation and instead has opined on the wisdom of tried and true disease prevention strategy with a denigration of scientific expertise, inviting further humiliation upon herself.

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Somehow, it’s not surprising that Ivanka Trump is parroting her father’s prioritization of pecuniary commerce over public health.

It takes intelligence, imagination, and competence to envision a nation that ensures a steady income for its citizens while protecting them from the ravages of a deadly pandemic, something that the Trump administration has demonstrated it has next to none of during the 10 months that the COVID-19 crisis has battered our country.

Ivanka’s downright despicable lies about the benefits of lockdowns in reducing the transmission of the highly infectious coronavirus met a predictably negative response from those on social media sick of the Trump administration’s screwups when it comes to dealing with the pandemic.

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Add your name to tell Trump: You Lost! Concede!

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Only 36 days left until Donald Trump will be gone from the White House and the words of Ivanka Trump will have as much significance as the words printed on the back of a breakfast cereal box or less, actually, since at least the cereal box will have an ingredients list that’s presumably factual.

Hopefully, Ivanka and the rest of her grifting family will be investigated by the incoming Justice Department under Joe Biden and held accountable for their misdeeds posthaste.

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Original reporting by David Badash at RawStory.

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