As Democratic electors meet to confirm Biden win in Michigan, GOP Rep. warns of possible violence

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Gary Eisen is a Republican Michigan state legislator and one of the Trump supporters who signed onto the disastrous lawsuit engineered by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton challenging the election results in the swing states that delivered the contest to Joe Biden.

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While that ill-considered motion was promptly dismissed by the Supreme Court without a second glance at its ludicrous assertions, Rep. Eisen has not given up his hope for a Hail Mary pass that could still deliver Michigan’s 16 electoral votes to Donald Trump — despite the fact that Biden won over 154 thousand more votes in the state.

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Eisen revealed during an interview on WPHM-AM this morning that he and his fellow Republicans have something special in the works today when Michigan’s electors gather to formally cast their state’s electoral votes for Biden.

“I’m on a football team. We have one more play. Am I just going to give up or am I going to do that Hail Mary?” Eisen told the radio station.

While he wouldn’t specify exactly what the plan would be, he made headlines and invited the censure of both the outgoing and incoming speakers of the Michigan House when he told WPHM-AM radio host Paul Miller that he couldn’t guarantee the safety of the state’s Democratic electors when they assembled to cast their decisive votes.

“Can you assure me that this is going to be safe day in Lansing, nobody’s going to get hurt?” Miller queried Eisen.

“No,” Eisen replied. “I don’t know because what we’re doing today is uncharted. It hasn’t been done.”

Current House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Rep. Jason Wentworth Farwell, who will be speaker next term — both Republicans — stripped Rep. Eisen of his committee assignments after hearing of his comments.

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“We as elected officials must be clear that violence has no place in our democratic process. We must be held to a higher standard,” the two senior GOP officals said in a joint statement.

The Michigan electors are scheduled to convene at 2 PM local time to hold their vote which will take place in the state senate chamber in the Michigan Capitol in Lansing.

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While the Capitol building itself was already closed to the public because of COVID-19 concerns, yesterday the Michigan House and Senate announced their offices would be closed today because of “credible threats of violence.

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Indeed, Eisen revealed during his interview that a “bomb threat phoned in from Wisconsin” had already been received.

Rep. Eisen also said that, despite the official closure of the Capitol, he may still try to obtain access to the building later today.

We will soon see what Eisen’s Hail Mary pass consists of and whether it results in any violent episodes, but if it does, the right-wing legislator will face some serious questions about his responsibility for whatever may happen.

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It would be particularly unfortunate if anyone is hurt for a partisan political temper tantrum that even Eisen himself admits is likely to be totally ineffective.

“Will it change the outcome of the election? Probably not,” Eisen told Miller in his interview.

One has to ask, why bother then?

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Original reporting by Craig Mauger at The Detroit News.

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