Trump claims white farmers will have their property confiscated and given to blacks in racist rant

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The light is now visible at the end of the tunnel, but it still seems so far away.

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With a little over six weeks left until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, Donald Trump is still insisting that he was robbed of a victory that he somehow considers rightfully his despite receiving nearly seven million fewer votes than his opponent.

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While the in-denial lame-duck president was unusually quiet on Twitter this morning, his feed was still laden with the clips from his extraordinarily delusional speech at a rally in southern Georgia last night.

Ostensibly an event to help promote the candidacies of David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — the Republican nominees in the runoff races that will determine which party gets to control the U.S. Senate — the rally was instead an unnecessary COVID superspreader event in the midst of the worst days of the pandemic to date and was focused more on long diatribes about Trump’s fantasies of how massive voter fraud of which he and his legal cronies have yet to provide any credible evidence than on any serious effort to promote the GOP Senate candidates.

Much ink has already been spilled about the repeated false and paranoid accusations of stolen elections that Trump again tossed out to his supporters last night like steaks to a pack of hungry dogs, but some accounts may have missed one of the newest racist tactics that the desperate president-reject has decided to employ in his fear-mongering hatefests — an appropriation of propaganda points imported from apartheid-era South Africa.

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Yes, according to Trump — who likely sees the loss of his White House residence and his presidential immunity as the functional equivalent of having your farmland redistributed — those scary Democrats are coming to take away your farm in addition to your guns.

Besides pandering to the most baseless fears of his rural, farm-owning fans, Trump’s new claims have as much validity as his claims that the COVID-19 was a political hoax that would just disappear after the November elections rather than climbing to new heights, as those who don’t habitually deny science have predicted all along.

That Trump would make up literally incredible lies to feed to his rabble to support his delusions that he wasn’t actually soundly rejected by the American electorate is unsurprising.

This is the man that continued to insist that Democrats would turn the United States into a socialist hell-hole, using Venezuela as a cautionary example, despite the fact that Biden had declined to even support the type of universal healthcare that is available in every other major industrialized country in the world.

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This is the man that continued to insist that Democrats would defund the police, despite the fact that Biden has specifically said that he did not support that mischaracterized idea of reallocating some police funds to social services that would obviate the need for police intervention in situations where other skills would better handle the problems being faced.

Only 45 days, until the new president-elect is sworn in.

The light is now visible at the end of the tunnel, but, until Trump concedes and stops his politically destabilizing attack on the integrity of an election that even state-level Republican officials agree was conducted lawfully, it’s difficult to tell if that light is the imminent breath of fresh air or the headlight of an onrushing train.

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