August 19, 2022

“Massive dumps” – Trump continues to allege election fraud in off-the-wall Fox News interview

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You would think that by this point Donald Trump would be embarrassed, chastised, and trying to keep a low profile after his humiliating defeats, first at the ballot box and then in nearly every courtroom where his ludicrous proclamations of massive election fraud were uniformly dismissed for lack of the slightest shred of evidence.


Yet, despite having been cajoled by the more level-headed of his advisors into allowing the Biden transition to begin, the roundly-defeated president had himself booked as a guest on the friendly media territory of Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News Sunday Morning Futures program this morning to continue his quixotic campaign to reverse the results of an election that his brittle ego simply cannot withstand losing so decisively.

Vox‘s Aaron Rupar, always at the ready to post excerpts of Trump’s TV appearances to social media, provided a running commentary on the lame-duck’s quack-pot conspiracy theories as he continued to refuse to believe that the nation’s voters could have rejected him without an array of malevolent forces lined-up against him to steal the election by nefarious means.

Trump began the interview with an unfortunate choice of words to describe the tactics used in his theory of how his victory was buried by unlawful votes.

The only massive dumps taken in this election were the ones that produced the B.S. that Trump is trying to peddle in this interview, as his narrative goes beyond what even his own motley legal team is willing to admit in open court.

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Add your name to tell Trump: You Lost! Concede!

Let’s all hope that Trump’s attacks on the fairness of the Georgia electoral process can keep enough Republican voters at home in the upcoming runoff for the last two open Senate seats to deliver the Democrats a majority in that legislative chamber.

Targeting Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp is a good start to achieving that result.

Trump seems unwilling to believe that opposition to his dangerously unmoored administration was so robust that it motivated previously uninvolved citizens to rise from their stupor and exercise their voting franchises.

Bartiromo undermined any journalistic credibility she may have maintained despite four years of cheering for Trump from the sidelines by humoring the deluded president.

While Trump’s actions during his term have demonstrated that he considers the Justice Department to be a tool to be exploited for his personal agendas, it is still shocking to see him complain that they aren’t being more helpful in his quest to destroy America’s democratic institutions.

Trump’s obsession with the legitimate investigations of his ties to Russia continues to haunt him, judging from his inability to cease discussing it.

Fox News may be reported to be inching away from the president after his loss, but one would hardly be able to tell from the sycophantic coverage afforded Trump by Bartiromo and her producers.

For those who may have thought that Trump would eventually come to his senses and rejoin reality, this morning’s interview offered little hope.

While his multiple bankruptcies show that Trump has never been good with numbers, the future of our nation is now at stake as the math-challenged soon-to-be-ex-president fails to grasp that the impossible calculations he needs to reverse his defeat will simply never materialize.

The nation is still reeling from an uncontrolled  COVID-19 pandemic that is largely the fault of this administration’s incompetent failures, and we have a president who is so delusionally obsessed with his electoral loss that he has abdicated his duties while he works full-time to retreat into pitiful denialism.

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With the nation in crisis, the swift implementation of the 25th amendment would be the best solution in the short term.

It’s too bad that Trump’s Republican enablers are too afraid to put their country over their partisan concerns to actually take the measures that are so sorely needed right now to protect our nation from the consequences of the toppled president’s obvious madness.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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