February 6, 2023

Trump’s deluded speakerphone rant at sham election “hearing” has to be heard to be believed

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When the news broke that Donald Trump had canceled his planned trip to a meeting with Republican Pennsylvania legislators this morning to discuss his spurious claims of a stolen election, one could briefly believe that perhaps his ludicrous charade of contesting the election results as fraudulent — despite a lick of evidence — was finally coming to an end.


The reality of the rejected president’s refusal to give up his carefully constructed fiction soon put an end to that hopeful outcome.

Instead of accompanying his perpetually-losing legal mouthpieces, headed by lead lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, to the democracy-shredding meeting, Trump decided to treat the whole affair like another episode of Fox and Friends, deciding to address the assembled GOP co-conspirators through his phoned-in comments.

Whether someone at the White House decided that it wasn’t worth the time and expense to travel to Pennsylvania for an exercise that will end either in futility or the destruction of the will of the state’s electorate or whether Trump was simply too lazy to get up early enough to make the journey will be something that journalists or future historians may eventually discover.

Still, the sight of masked attorney Jenna Ellis holding up a mobile phone to a microphone to allow Trump to speak to the partisan group of lawmakers — a group that his administration has convinced to examine his unfounded accusations of sufficient election irregularities to overturn the votes of Pennsylvania’s citizens — was a sight almost as ludicrous as the conspiracy theories that the defeated president began to spout the moment that he began to speak to the crowd.

Vox‘s Aaron Rupar monitored the proceedings and posted these convenient excerpts to allow you to witness the level of self-delusion that Trump is still trying to convince others to adopt to create the illusion that, despite receiving more than six million fewer votes than Joe Biden, he was the real winner of the election.

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Yes, you heard it straight from the horse’s-ass’ mouth. Trump is directly asking Pennsylvania’s Republican state legislators to ignore the clearly and legally determined voting tally — one that every judge in the state who was asked to examine it has determined to have been conducted lawfully and without any sort of improper interference —  and to simply award the state’s electors to him based solely on his unsubstantiated and self-interested beliefs.

If this man hadn’t been installed in the presidency by an election that Democrats had much better reasons to contest than Trump is offering now, such reality-bending statements would likely lead to an involuntary commitment to a mental institution.

And he wasn’t even done.

The only fraud being perpetrated here is Trump’s own attempt to use these worthless media events to engender doubt in the results of the election among his less than well-informed followers and shake them down for cash to continue funding his destabilizing efforts to destroy the underpinnings of American democracy.

Aaron Rupar summed up the entire condemnable proceedings with a perfect meme.

But it was Pennsylvania’s Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro who took to Twitter to inject some truth and facts into the conversation over the flailing president’s continued efforts to deny the reality of his Sisyphean crusade to overturn his loss.

At this point, it’s unclear if even Trump believes that these circus-like displays of loser’s pique will accomplish anything other than making him feel better temporarily.

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That the Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania who applaud Trump so enthusiastically would even agree to hear his pathetic pleas to save his butt while undermining the most sacred principles of our republic indicates that citizens in that state need to do some significant housecleaning in their legislature to remove the enemies of democracy.

If these GOP loonies are even capable of considering Trump’s entreaties, they can’t be entrusted with representing the will of Pennsylvania’s citizens.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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