August 19, 2022

Ivanka Trump boasts of environmental milestone and earns the scorn of social media

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The degradation of environmental protections has been one of the hallmark policies of a Trump administration more interested in generating profits for the energy industry — companies that remain steadfast Republican political donors — than in preserving the health and safety of the planet’s inhabitants.


From Donald Trump’s reversal of our nation’s commitment to follow the protocols of the Paris Climate Accord to his authorization of energy leases in previously pristine federal wilderness land to his appointment of agency leaders hostile to environmentalists’ agendas in key government positions, every move made by this administration in matters concerning our global climate emergency has pushed our nation further away from addressing the most pressing existential issue of our time.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that when first daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to crow about a remarkable 9.2% predicted reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the United States this year, she faced considerable pushback from the astute commentators on her post.

The post seemed to infer that Trump administration policies were responsible for the rare good news about the climate-damaging emissions levels generated by our country and, in a twisted way, that may actually be true.

Unfortunately, it was not the environmental policies that caused the reduction in greenhouse gasses, but the administration’s failed policies in containing the COVID-19 virus — subsequently leading to a shutdown of so many major industries and a lockdown that kept people from commuting in their cars to their workplaces — that has led to the unexpected dip in pollutants, as the comments on Ivanka’s tweets reminded her.

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Ivanka may not be getting quite the response to her post that she expected, but it’s difficult to feel sorry for her as she starts packing her bags to face the scorn of the world outside her Trump bubble in Washington DC and has to try to fit back into polite New York society.

Perhaps she should have pushed what is her likely faux environmental concerns a little harder to help steer her father’s policies so we wouldn’t need a failed pandemic response to achieve a greenhouse gas reduction milestone.

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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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