August 16, 2022

Trump’s morning tweets show no signs of concession as Twitter keeps tagging his posts as “disputed”

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Donald Trump showed a slight hint of connecting with reality early this morning in his first tweet of the day.


In one of the few posts that he made that didn’t contain a disclaimer from Twitter explaining that his vociferous bleatings about massive levels of election fraud were disputed by just about everyone else in the world not directly employed by the sulking president, Trump responded to a tweet from Elizabeth Harrington saying that she was “not tired of winning yet” by saying that he wasn’t tired of winning either.

For Americans longing for Trump’s political charades to finally cease with an admission of the over six million vote loss that he experienced in his contest with Democrat Joe Biden, the statement provided a glimmer of hope that the idea that he hadn’t won the election may be slowly seeping into the cavernous confines of his skull, as it’s difficult to get tired of something that you haven’t experienced recently either in the election itself or in the court battles to overturn its results.

Trump’s subsequent tweets quickly extinguished any prospect that he would abandon his fight to overturn the legitimate results of what secretaries of state across the country have universally called a free and fair election with no credible evidence of any fraud that would justify reversing the published results.

With retweets of posts from his right-wing extremist supporters and his own original comments in quote tweets, Trump soon garnered the now ubiquitous Twitter disclaimer that warned his followers of the false nature of his fraud allegations.

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After meeting with Michigan Republican state legislators on Friday who told him that they “not aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election” in their state, Trump nonetheless posted yesterday that although the attached statement from the state’s GOP Senate Majority Leader was correct, the media had not reported the essence of the meeting correctly and that he would soon magically produce evidence of massive and unprecedented fraud.

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Despite the Twitter disclaimer labeling the tweet as disputed Trump retweeted it again this morning as if through repetition it would somehow gain credibility.

Add your name to tell Trump: You Lost! Concede!

The lame-duck president then went on to repeat his unsubstantiated claims that a close examination of the signatures accompanying mail-in ballots would turn up enough disputed votes to erase Biden’s lead in the states that Trump lost.

Trump continued to retweet posts from his dwindling number of GOP supporters and media outlets who still pay lip service to his thoroughly discredited claims of electoral malfeasance.

He then took a brief pause to respond to the media reports that he skipped out on the portion of the virtual G20 summit of world leaders dedicated to “Pandemic Preparedness and Response” to go golfing at his own Virginia resort yesterday with a defensive post slamming the media for reporting the facts of his brief appearance at the summit inaccurately.

It apparently didn’t occur to the president that if he was busy tweeting while attending the summit then he certainly wasn’t paying a bit of attention to the proceedings.

Not that the contributions to the virtual gathering of world leaders made by a president who will be leaving office in less than two months would be of any significance anyway.

This post does raise an interesting metaphysical question, however. How does one actually arrive at a virtual meeting?

Whatever the answer to that existential query, Trump soon returned to posting statements custom-made to undermine America’s faith in its democratic processes.

Twitter’s content moderators seem to be sleeping in on this Sunday morning since they let this tweet slip by without a warning of its disputed nature, at least until you clicked through to see the full post and the replies it garnered.

Suffice it to say that the reason that the claim is disputed is that neither Trump nor his shrinking team of lawyers have been able to provide a shred of evidence that his accusations have any semblance of truth to them.

One has to wonder if Trump is visible to the foreign leaders during the virtual summit and if they can see him typing away on his iPhone as he ignores the proceedings in which he is ostensibly participating.

He must have found the sessions exceedingly disinteresting since he found the time to squeeze in an attack on one of the Republican Governors who have condemned his legal assault on the integrity of the elections as a despicable RINO.

Trump’s attack on Maryland Governor Hogan is as predictable as his continued refusal to accept his defeat, as he plans his future as a disruptive opposition figure who has set himself up as a victim of an unjust and corrupt electoral system and as someone who will dominate the Grand Old Party’s future going forward.

As of press time, there was no word on whether Trump was planning on skipping out on today’s G-20 session again today to hit the links.

If he does, it’s not likely that the world leaders will miss his meager contributions to the dialog especially since the incoming Biden administration is likely to reverse any major foreign policy decisions that Trump may make in his remaining weeks in power.

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We have only 59 days left before Biden takes office, but if Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is any indication, the chances of requiring the Secret Service to physically remove him from the White House seem more and more likely every day that he continues his cynical refutation of the legitimacy of the election results.

Knowing Trump, we may be witness to an unprecedented spectacle in this unique presidential transition.

If they decided to televise his removal as a pay per view event, the nation could probably retire a significant portion of the national debt.

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