August 18, 2022

Ilhan Omar leaps to Rev. Warnock’s defense and publicly owns Republican Kelly Loeffler

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Few political figures have ever been subjected to as much hyperbolic vitriol as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has. As a refugee Muslim woman who isn’t afraid to speak for the voiceless or back down from her progressive principles, she has become one of the right-wing’s favorite boogeywomen and a magnet for their psychotic hatred and racism.


Regularly subjected to horrifyingly Islamophobic attacks from sitting Republican politicians and from the rabid conservative propaganda machine, Rep. Omar has shown incredible courage and resilience in her refusal to ever be cowed by their vicious words and is making a name for herself in with her quick-witted responses to her white-hooded haters.

Locked in a tight Senate run-off race, Georgia Senate hopeful and insider trader Kelly Loeffler decided to polish her conservative chops by attacking her opponent, Rev. Warnock, for his religious beliefs and dragged Rep. Omar in by name, accusing them both of disrespecting the troops in response to Warnock’s correct declaration that you cannot serve God and militarism at the same time.

Rep. Omar immediately fired back, calling out Loeffler for her pandemic profiteering and for her cowardly effort to reframe her race as a run against “the Squad” of progressive legislators instead of her actual opponent.

Loeffler responded by throwing some revolting Islamophobic conspiracy theories at Omar and calling for her expulsion from Congress.

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The “celebrating on 9/11” accusation actually refers to a video of Omar in 2019 celebrating with the Congressional Black Congress on September 12th. Right-wing media goon Terrence K. Williams falsely accused her of disrespecting 9/11 eighteen years later and his smear was promoted by Donald Trump at several rallies and on Twitter.

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Despite it being easily disproven, the lie is still repeated on a regular basis in right-wing circles, as are the bad faith accusations of anti-Semitism that Omar earned for standing up for Palestinian human rights. It is wild to see Loeffler repeat baseless financial impropriety accusations against Omar when Loeffler herself was discovered to have dumped her stocks right before the pandemic hit in an outrageously blatant incident of insider trading.

Refusing to engage with Kelly’s disgusting attacks, Rep. Omar went for the dunk instead:

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Ilhan made sure to get the last word with a brutal smackdown:

It couldn’t be more clear that when Republicans send their people to Congress, they aren’t sending their best. They’re sending crooked psychos whose broken brains are full of worms and believe in imaginary child sex cults. The ease with which Loeffler resorted to appalling Islamophobia shows just how unqualified she is to hold a United States Senate seat — and since she was appointed to her seat in the first place, she hasn’t even been approved by voters in the first place.

Kudos to Rep. Omar for laying down the law and never allowing Republican lies to go unchallenged. We need a hundred more Congresswomen like her!

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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