Ivanka Trump’s right-wing pity party crashed by Twitter commentators with the truth

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The Million-Maga March may have attracted only a tiny fraction of the unschooled hordes that its ambitiously-named moniker suggests, but it did manage to generate the kind of violence in the streets of Washington DC that Donald Trump has condemned when similar street fights took place in places like Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

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YouTube was awash in videos documenting the physical confrontations between the assembled Trump fanatics — including Proud Boys, militia members, and other extremist MAGATs — and demonstrators opposed to the hateful rhetoric and even more hateful behavior being promulgated by the sore loser contingent.

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First daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to paint the confrontations as an attack on “conservatives” despite ample evidence that many of the first blows were struck by the resentful defenders of her father’s false claims of a fraudulent election.

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Ivanka was likely responding to and echoing Donald Trump’s own tweets about the violent encounters in the nation’s capital, including one from last night that commented on this brief video snippet of a Trump supporter’s savage beating at the hands of a crowd of angry people mischaracterized as “BLM rioters” by its author the right-wing journalist Andy Ngô.

Donald Trump’s response was a typical attack on anyone he perceives as being to the left of Adolph Hitler, and was quickly countered by political activist Holly Figueroa O’Reilly who attatched a longer clip of the video edited down in the Andy Ngô post forwarded by the president that showed who was really responsible for insitgating the unfortunately violent incident.

Ivanka’s defense of her father’s followers earned its own barrage of outrage from Twitter users who knew the ultimate source of the most egregiously barbarous actions that took place yesterday.





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Hopefully, the complicit First Daughter won’t be commanding much attention in the media once her father’s clenched fingers are pried from the levers of presidential power.

As an executive in The Trump Organization, Ivanka will soon be drowning in lawsuits along with the rest of her family, something that will thankfully prevent her from spending too much time posting lies on Twitter.

It’s one more thing to be grateful for as the nation approaches a Thanksgiving holiday with much less to celebrate than in previous years.

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