September 27, 2022

Time warp! Eric Trump sends tweet urging Minnesotans to vote today and earns massive ridicule

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Eric Trump is apparently doing his best to live up to the mentally-challenged caricature that he is portrayed as on Saturday Night Live.


RawStory published an account of Donald Trump’s second son’s latest embarrassing blunder, a mishap that will do nothing to counteract the wide-spread image of the executive vice-president of the Trump Organization as not the brightest of bulbs.

At 7:35 AM this morning — exactly one week from the election day that saw his father lose the popular vote by almost 5 million votes — Eric posted a tweet that had some people thinking that perhaps he had been enveloped in some sort of strange mental time warp that had propelled his consciousness a week into the past before the traumatic loss.

“Minnesota get out and vote!!!”, the tweet read, before that is it was quickly deleted.

Add your name to tell Trump: You Lost! Concede!

Despite the rapid purging of the tweet, it managed to accumulate sufficient circulation to invite a cascade of ridicule from detractors of Donald Trump and his family, resulting in a torrent of tweets drowning the presidential son in humiliation and derision over his too little, too late campaign message.

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Well, golleeee, as Gomer Pyle, surely one of Eric Trump’s intellectual antecedents, used to say.

Give the poor man some credit.

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At least he had the sense — and the shame — to recognize his mistake and delete the tweet once he did.

Just like America did to his dad.

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