Donald Trump Jr. slammed for suggesting state vote winners be ignored and his father picked instead

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When you can’t win fairly through the Democratic process, it’s time to move on to a new strategy.

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That the Trump campaign has all but given up hope that their incumbent candidate could win by legitimate means — for the first time, many would say — seems pretty certain at this point, with only a few straggling mail-in ballots yet to be counted.

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Their attempts to snatch victory despite their multi-million deficit in the popular vote now hinges on frivolous and unsubstantiated lawsuits challenging the ballot processing procedures and the individual votes cast by people that they deem without evidence to have voted illegally.

They also are now looking at a desperate hail mary effort to utilize obscure constitutional provisions to throw out the results of the voters’ choices in several states and replace their decision with that of Republican-controlled state legislators in the choice of electors in the Electoral College.

The seriousness with which this move is being contemplated can be discerned by the fact that a tweet proposing that exact tactic written by right-wing extremist talk radio host Mark Levin was prominently retweeted by presidential offspring and rumored 2024 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump Jr.

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If you thought the demonstrations over police brutality and violence in the BLM protests this year had gotten out of control, you likely haven’t seen anything like what would happen if Trump and his political cronies try to steal the election by ignoring the demonstrable will of the electorate.

Levin’s tweet and the implied endorsement of the Trump scion have already set off a furious backlash on social media, with comments excoriating the very concept of so blatantly undermining American democracy pervading on Twitter.

Just in case you were thinking “well, that’s just a bunch of progressive jerks on Twitter mouthing off,” there are plenty more where those came from and all were equally indignant at the attack on democracy that Donald Trump Jr. was propagating.

In fact, if you aren’t totally outraged and ready to march in the streets if this proposal actually gets beyond the “partisan lunatic ranting on social media” phase, then the values that our nation was founded on can’t mean very much to you.

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It’s bad enough that we are still saddled with the slavery-based compromise that is the Electoral College rather than a straight popular vote in the ultimate election of our Commander in Chief.

For the selection of our president to be even less of an example of direct democracy would be an elitist regression that this nation isn’t likely to ever recover from.

Mark Levin and Donald Trump Jr.’s unthinkable proposal needs to be condemned by every leading government official in both parties immediately or the wrath of an angry mob of the disenfranchised may soon come knocking on their doors with pitchforks and burning torches sooner than they realize.

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