August 14, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. and his sister-in-law Lara flunk their Sunday morning talk show tests

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As the presidential campaign enters its final weeks, Donald Trump is enlisting his family to help try and turn around what seems to be an inevitable defeat at the hands of someone who is more capable, more intelligent, and more compassionate than himself.


Indeed those related to the president by blood or by marriage seem to be able to replicate his penchant for shameless lies and outrageous conspiracy theories easily, making them perfect surrogates to appear on news outlets with particularly low standards about what constitutes an acceptable guest opining on the matters of the day.

Two of Trump’s immediate family made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows today and the results were predictably embarrassing for anyone but the president’s most ardent supporters.

Donald Trump Jr. went to Fox News this morning to appear on Maria Bartiromo’s program to try to get more mileage out of the latest manufactured scandal that his father’s operatives have been peddling about Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

The appearance devolved into a parody of the scion of a third world dictator calling on government authorities to arrest his father’s opponents, real or imagined.

Junior was asked by Bartiromo what he thought his father would do if the FBI does not cooperate in the investigation of Hunter Biden or in preventing the increase in the use of the mail-in ballots that Democratic voters — more fearful of contracting COVID-19 than their Republican counterparts have been — have been turning to.

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Trump Jr.’s response only served to provide a further reason to vote against a second term for his father, a threat to dismantle the FBI as it’s presently constituted.

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“We have to keep fighting,” the president’s son replied to the Fox News anchor’s query. “We’re fighting with one leg and two arms tied behind our back. You know, we don’t have the mainstream media that’s willing to at this point, not even just boost the other side, but literally run cover for what would arguably be the biggest corruption scheme in American political history. This is the stuff that makes Watergate look like kindergarten.”

Funny, that’s what most thinking Americans feel about most of what his father has accomplished committed during his term to date.

Junior accused the FBI of trying to “knowingly peddle” information about his father’s Russian connections, an allegation that seems awfully similar to exactly what he and his father are trying to do with the dubious information likely sourced from Russian intelligence agents supposedly concerning Hunter Biden.

If you read Don Jr.’s next statement, you can see how much more applicable it is to the entire Trump family.

“They refuse to acknowledge their own corruption,” Jr. explained. “And the reality is, I think, when Donald Trump wins, he has to break up the highest level of the FBI. He has to get rid of these things. And more importantly, maybe break up the swamp in general.”

“That’s Donald Trump’s next move,” he prophesied, “if I’m him and if he wins, which I think he will. Because what’s going on is disgusting. This is the stuff of communist China!”

Gee, didn’t his father say he was going to do that 4 years ago? Why should anyone vote for someone who doesn’t accomplish their goals?

Turn down your volume before watching the video clip below, unless you really like the sound of angry shouting.

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Meanwhile over on CNN, the wife of Jr.’s brother Eric, Lara Trump, was proving that she had no more brains or integrity than her husband while speaking with Jake Tapper on that network’s State of the Union.

Tapper had challenged the presidential daughter-in-law about a comment Lara Trump had made at a campaign event earlier this year where she appeared to ridicule Joe Biden for his stuttering problem.

“Every time he’s on stage and they turn to him, I’m like, ‘Joe, can you get it out? Let’s get the words out, Joe,’” Lara said at the time while speaking to a crowd of Trump supporters.

The second son’s first wife tried to weasel out of responsibility for the mocking statement about her father-in-law’s opponent by denying knowing that Biden suffers from the verbal disability.

Instead, she took an even worse route on her search for a way out of the corner she had painted herself into. She attributed Biden’s difficulty getting “the words out” to a general case of mental collapse.

“I think what we see with Joe Biden, Jake, is very clearly a cognitive decline. That’s what I’m referring to. It makes me uncomfortable to watch somebody on stage search for questions and try and figure out an answer,” Lara Trump gamely attempted to make her insensitivity into an even more potent and untrue attack on Biden.

Lara also tried to explain away Donald Trump Sr.’s violence-instigating attacks on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) at his Muskegon rally in the state yesterday with a comment that insulted the intelligence of CNN’s viewers.

“He wasn’t doing anything to provoke people to threaten this woman at all,” referring to the president. “He was having fun at a Trump rally.”

You can see an excerpt from Lara Trump’s campaign appearance on CNN‘s State of the Union in the video clip below.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory and by Joseph Choi at The Hill.

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