August 17, 2022

McEnany hilariously dogpiled after whining about how everyone is against Trump

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany may not be presiding over any press scrums lately due to her bout of COVID-19, but she has managed to keep up enough of a Twitter presence while she was quarantining that she was temporarily banned from the social media platform for sharing a link to a discredited NY Post story that was likely sourced from Russian disinformation.


McEnany relented and deleted the offending tweet to regain her posting abilities on Twitter after complaining that the tech company  “essentially” forced her to do so at metaphoric “gunpoint.”

The press secretary’s return to the platform came just in time for Donald Trump’s town hall meeting on NBC last night, and McEnanay was ready to bang the drum on the president’s behalf from the social media sidelines before, during, and after his appearance.

Unfortunately for the press secretary, the post that had the biggest impact last night was one that read like McEnany had imbibed a whole bottle of paranoia juice before hitting “tweet.”

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Perhaps “WORKING MAN AND WOMAN” is a bit expansive of a category to include in Trump’s plus column for this election.

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It fails to indicate the large subset of that broad category of people who have grown disillusioned with the president’s woeful mismanagement of the country, his despicable personality, and his string of broken promises as well as those working people who were on to his con from the start.

It also forgets to include the billionaire buddies of Trump’s who have most benefited from his presidency through his slanted tax cuts and his gutting of the nation’s regulatory environment for businesses.

Those who took the time to reply to McEneny’s post were savage in their responses to her apparent persecution complex.

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There are plenty more where these came

Perhaps the press secretary should spend more time contemplating why she has been forced to stay in quarantine — namely because of her boss’s massive incompetence in taking effective action to halt the spread of the pandemic — and less time pointing fingers at people who justifiably blame Donald Trump for the mess that this nation now finds itself.

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Original reporting by David Badash at RawStory.

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