May 21, 2022

Trump embarks on childish posting spree that swears at Biden and promotes wrestling grifter

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President Trump’s newfound and possibly steroid-induced aggression continues to manifest itself in his Twitter feed on a nightly basis as he sinks ever deeper into a wormhole of right-wing conspiracy, immaturity, and petulance.


Over the past ten hours, the president has embarked on a 32 tweet and retweet posting spree, with its content becoming progressively more disgraceful and appalling with every new press of a button.

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Much of his posting revolved around the right-wing outrage about the questionable decision by social media companies to ban the sharing of a New York Post article containing almost certainly false allegations about Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his business dealings with Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

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The story itself is nonsense and falls apart under the most cursory of scrutiny, but by banning it from being shared, Twitter and Facebook have thrown red meat to the rabid right-wing’s insatiable victimhood complex.

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The ban immediately prompted a cacophony of weeping and moaning that they are being “censored” despite right-wing pages commanding a monopoly on Facebook traffic and ensuring that the contents of the story are much more interesting because it is being blocked, instead of allowing it to get lost in the churning whirlpool of imaginary right-wing conspiracy brain worm bullshit that nobody except the President and his most online supporters care about or can even understand.

But some of his other retweets seemingly had nothing to do with anything except puerile expressions of hatred towards his political enemies. One retweet featured a giant middle finger telling Vice-President Joe Biden to fuck off.

Another from the same woman, a “BeanFromPA,” showed the letters BLM with the words BURN, LOOT, MURDER next to them — a wildly racist and incendiary corruption of the Black Lives Matter slogan.

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One retweet showed a video from UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, who is apparently a Trump supporter and is now running a grift where he teaches patriots to protect themselves from “hooligans” and “antifa-like individuals.”

Accompanying these tweets were a slew of videos from his latest rally, some edited and deceptive propaganda videos from the clowns at “Project Veritas,” and disinformation about ballot harvesting.

While we’re all sadly used to these kinds of shenanigans at this point, there’s still something so unsettling about seeing the President of the United States curse at his opponent by way of a boomer Facebook meme and promote wrestlers in between outrageous self-promotion and baseless conspiracy theories. He clearly is feeling deeply insecure about his chances at re-election this November, and nothing could be more important than driving him from office and restoring some kind of sanity to the world’s most powerful office.

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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