August 14, 2022

Outrage erupts after Lindsey Graham cites the “good old days of segregation” in SCOTUS hearing

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One of the, if not the, defining political goals of the Donald J. Trump Republican Party is to roll back the clock and return America to its dark past, where white men ruled supreme and minorities and women were second class citizens. While fighting social progress and dragging our nation backwards has always been the Republican way, code-words and dog whistles were generally used to appeal to the most base instincts of the white voter — until Trump came along.

Now we are treated to the sight of a sitting United States Senator wistfully discussing “the good old days of segregation” in a Senate confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court Justice.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is locked a very tight race for re-election against a Black Democrat, Jamie Harrison, used the phrase the “good old days of segregation” in a discussion on the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling that began the desegregation of American schools.

The good old days?

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Perhaps he was attempting to be sarcastic, but there’s no evidence in his face or in his tone of voice or other body language indicators that would indicate this.

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Even if it was, it is in extremely poor taste and is a wildly offensive comment to make in the United States Senate building. Segregation and the Jim Crow era and the murders of the Ku Klux Klan represent one of the most disgraceful periods in our nation’s history, and it is beyond infuriating to see a sitting Senator speak longingly of the good old days when Black Americans were treated as second-class citizens.

We can only assume that once again, Graham is openly saying the quiet part out loud as he helps ram through a Supreme Court nominee chosen by a president who is openly campaigning on resegregating the suburbs and pushes a white supremacist agenda from the White House.

It just so happens that you can donate to Jamie Harrison at this link.

Social media immediately erupted in outrage:

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