August 16, 2022

Don Jr. faceplants in attempt to accuse Biden family of corruption

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While nothing that comes out of the Trump family should be a surprise to anyone at this point, it is still breathtaking to see the stunning hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness that the president’s sycophantic children show when it comes to their criticism of their political opponents.


The president’s son, Don Jr., took to Twitter on Tuesday to accuse the Bidens of corruption after the news broke that Joe Biden’s son-in-law Howard Krein’s venture capital company invests in COVID-19 startups while advising the Biden campaign on pandemic response.

If Joe Biden wins the election and becomes president, Krein’s investments would prove to be a conflict of interest, seeing as he would be profiting off of policy that he helped write.

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While one would hope that Krein would do the right thing and divest himself from these companies if Biden wins, it is currently a moot issue seeing as the Biden campaign does not actually implement policy at the moment — and it is beyond outrageous for Don Jr. and his family to try to use this as a smear against the Biden team, seeing as they have overseen the most nakedly corrupt administration in American history.

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“Conflicts of interest” doesn’t even begin to describe how the Trump family has used the federal government and its resources as their own personal bank account.

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The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) watchdog group recently tallied up that Trump currently has 3,400 conflicts of interest that have enabled him to funnel over a million dollars of taxpayer funds into his company’s accounts.

In their latest report, CREW writes that “the numbers in this report are the culmination of nearly four years of work, and they paint a damning picture of a president who seems corruptly fixated on the personal financial benefits he might derive from his time in office. They show him to be willing to use the highest, most powerful office in the country to promote his businesses, while special interest groups, foreign governments, and wealthy donors enrich him personally through lavish events held at his luxury properties in the hopes of currying favor with him and his administration.”

It goes without saying that Donald Trump Jr. is the very last person in the world to complain about another family’s conflicts of interest.

Does he not see what the name on the company he works for is?

Social media immediately tore Donnie J. apart for his ridiculous attack:

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