October 2, 2022

Trump accuses Biden of “playing ‘fingers'” and Twitter tries to figure out what he means

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Donald Trump may be planning on attending his first post-coronavirus diagnosis rally removed from the White House grounds later today in Florida, but that hasn’t stopped him from spending the rest of the day tweeting away frantically to try and regain momentum for his moribund campaign.


After posting over 70 tweets this morning, the president picked up where he left off this afternoon starting with a bevy of retweets of the activities of his campaign surrogates.

He began with a retweet of a post from his “African Americans” as he likes to refer to his Black supporters, Diamond and Silk who urged voters in Georgia to turn out for early voting that has already been plagued by the same long lines and malfunctioning electronic voting machines that created havoc in the primaries earlier this year.

With Georgia not nearly the slam dunk win for the president that the GOP expected, Democrats are worried that the state’s Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, and his cronies may try to pull the kind of voter suppression tactics that worked so well to ensure his own election against Democrat Stacey Abrams in the last gubernatorial election.

Trump soon moved his attention to the rallies being held by Vice President Mike Pence and his daughter Ivanka.

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Trump must have heard that his COVID-19 infection has raised fears among his followers about the pervasive rejection of mask-wearing among macho GOP politicians since the people behind Vice President Pence are all prominently featured wearing face coverings and even Ivanka is shown wearing a mask in one of her photos.

Warmed up with these and a few other retweets, Trump was now ready to start posting his own pearls of idiocy on the social media platform.

His first post mocked what he portrayed as Joe Biden’s poor turnout for his Ohio rally, an audacious move for a man whose ill-advised White House superspreader event this weekend only attracted 300-400 out of the reported thousand who were invited, and even many of those who did risk their health to stand in front of the man with COVID-19 still coursing through his veins and flowing out of his orifices were rumored to have been paid to attend or at least had their transportation costs subsidized.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a certifiable Donald Trump tweetstorm without a bit of deep psychological projection, as his next bizarre and unfounded post insinuating that Joe Biden has caught COVID-19 demonstrated.

Playing “footsie” we’ve all heard about, but what the hell is playing “fingers”? Perhaps it’s not “Journalism” that’s reached an all-time low, but presidential ethics, since there is no evidence that what Trump is insinuating has any basis in reality, like much of what flows from this president’s forked-tongue.

Besides, if Biden does wind up catching COVID, it’s Trump who likely infected him at their maskless debate when the president was likely still in his incubation period for the disease.

If only we had sufficient information from his doctors about exactly when his last negative test was conducted, we’d have a better idea of where Trump is exactly in the course of his infectiousness.

Trump was just getting warmed up with his afternoon campaign propaganda attack. He next posted some false economic promise, ungrounded in any policy specifics.

A few more unwarranted attacks on his Democratic opponent were next on the president’s social media agenda.

Trump never lets pesky facts get in the way of his statements about his opponent.

Now, however, it was time for a game of culture wars, with the president choosing to discuss one of his favorite topics — television ratings – in order to attack the NBA, the one sports league that has opposed him more than any other with the exception of perhaps the WNBA.

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“Zero interest” is perhaps a better description of how an increasing majority of the American people feel about the prospect of a second term for this president who spends more time on social media and watching TV than he does in effectively addressing the nation’s issues.

Hopefully, Trump’s departure for his Florida rally will at least slightly curtail the rate of new Twitter posts for the rest of today. In the meantime, however, spend as much time as you can ensuring that we won’t have to suffer through four more years of this president’s evil and incompetence.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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