August 16, 2022

“I wouldn’t be president now”: Trump blames his election on Obama and Biden’s “terrible” job in AM tweets

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If you measure Donald Trump’s health by the number of tweets he manages to summon the energy to send rather than the dubious reports from his evasive doctors, our 45th president has fully recuperated from his bout with COVID-19.


With over 70 posts in the first four hours of Monday morning, Trump has perhaps come down enough from his recent apparent steroid-induced mania to realize just how badly he is losing this presidential race and is now scrambling to pump out the campaign rhetoric at a speed that can outrace the blue wave that is about to come crashing down upon him and his fellow Republicans.

The president’s tweets and retweets today generally track the same themes as his typical campaign speech: attacks on Democrats — and Joe Biden in particular — over his favorite talking points, each unmoored by any concrete legislative agenda or any detailed plan of action.

He started his avalanche of posts with comments on three tweets by one of his followers who was posting about the unrest in Portland with videos of a statue being torn down and a campus police outpost that had had its windows smashed. It was the perfect canvas for Trump to attach his authoritarian “Law & Order” message.

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Never mind that both the FBI and local law enforcement are already well aware that the real danger of domestic terrorism comes not from the unorganized anarchists of the left but from the armed extremist militias of the far-right, neo-Nazi white supremacists who count themselves among Trump’s staunchest supporters.

Perhaps we should start calling these folks “Profa” for appropriate branding purposes juxtaposed with Antifa.

Besides his “Law & Order” message, Trump made sure to pump out some misleading propaganda regarding the nearly non-existent problem of voter fraud involved with mail-in ballots.

Sign the petition to tell Mitch McConnell: No vote on a new Supreme Court Justice until after inauguration!

Why none of these posts have been deleted or covered up by Twitter for promoting false information designed to undermine confidence in the results of the election is uncertain, but the platform had no compunction about censoring the president’s tweet yesterday for violating the platform’s rules about spreading harmful information about the pandemic.

After a few posts attacking Democrats and threatening them with politically-motivated prosecution, defending his indefensible environmental record, and seemingly endorsing a deadly herd immunity strategy for dealing with COVID-19,  the president decided to invoke damnation on three specifically Democratic-run states in a trilogy of short posts that at least exhibited a twisted sense of humor, something normally totally lacking — at least intentionally — in any of Trump’s tweets.

All three states are unfortunately quite familiar with hell since Trump took office as the president is seemingly trying to drag the entire country towards the purported evil lair he maintains amidst the inferno’s deepest level, at least that’s what “people are sayin'”.

Trump posted a few more lies about the election that he’s predicted to lose being rigged — since if he loses, it has to be rigged, of course — another attack on Fake News,  and more lies about Joe Biden’s tax plan, before pivoting to today’s hottest news topic, the confirmation hearings for his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

He only bothered to insert his own commentary on one of the series of retweets from Republican senators and right-wing media figures discussing Barrett’s nomination.

Trump next foolishly decided that leveraging the economic anxiety that many Americans feel during the pandemic he exacerbated with his inaction would be the best way to win back the hearts of the blue-collar votes now deserting him due to the serious lack of results for all the president’s broken promises.

No, Trump doesn’t get credit for the economy he inherited from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Perhaps that’s why the media doesn’t mention it. Plus the fact that his massive screwups in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic have created the worst economic crisis in this country since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Trump’s attention shifted to posting in support of GOP congressional candidates with a series of retweets of Republicans running for office in California and Maryland, paying particular attention to the candidate opposing Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), a perpetual thorn in his side.

Somehow, it seems Rep. Waters would get a perverse kick out of being called a “CROOK” by the most criminal president in our nation’s history and will wear it as a badge of honor.

Trump ran out of ideas for a while and resorted to retweeting the same posts he had made only a couple of hours earlier before renewing his attacks on his predecessors in the White House.

Trump may be correct if he considers their job to have been preventing the Russian electoral interference that landed his sorry behind in the White House. He didn’t seem to mind the economy and stock market that he inherited from Obama and Biden and constantly has tried to take credit for.

Indeed his last posts of the day so far bizarrely tout his economic stewardship despite the pandemic meltdown and ignore the fact that Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs’ chief economist has determined that a “blue wave” Democratic victory in both the presidential race and in the race for control of Congress would provide the biggest boost to the economy.

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While a few of Trump’s posts on his empty promises regarding healthcare — as his administration continues to attempt to repeal Obamacare in the courts without a concrete legislative plan on how to replace it  — were skipped in this account of the president’s social media interactions this morning, one can see from the posts cited here that panic and desperation are motivating Trump’s posts as election day draws nearer.

Let’s make sure that we all get out the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to really give him something to panic about.

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