October 2, 2022

Ex-DHS official Miles Taylor reveals the revolting things Trump said to women in his presence

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Miles Taylor is the former Chief of Staff to former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Acting Secretary Chad Wolf who resigned after he witnessed Donald Trump offering Homeland Security staff federal pardons for any criminal prosecution arising from their actions in stopping illegal immigration to the United States.


As one of the more vocal of the former Trump administration officials who have renounced their former boss and endorsed Joe Biden to be the next president, Taylor has been campaigning for the president’s Democratic challenger in the weeks leading up to the election.

As part of that effort, Taylor posted a mini-thread noting Trump’s poor polling performance among American women and detailing the many instances of deep-rooted misogyny displayed by the president in his own presence during the DHS official’s time in hanging around the White House, accounts that should dissuade any but the most self-loathing of right-wing women from supporting Trump’s candidacy.

The examples that follow this brief introduction should be familiar to many women who suffer the chauvinism of piggish men in the workplace. If you are a woman, feel free to count how many times you have experienced similar comments to those that Taylor attributes to our president who seems so quick to disrespect any woman he meets.

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Luckily, Taylor has seen the light and has decided to share his unforgettable moments with Donald Trump with the rest of the world.

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Any woman who reads this and still has the urge to vote for Donald Trump will be vulnerable to accusations of being gender traitors once the election is over,  no matter who ultimately is declared the victor in a race that will be likely marred by Republican schemes to win at any cost.

Please make that specter of a stolen election incrementally less possible by voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and ensuring that they win an unassailable margin in this election.

Drive misogyny from our federal government as you drive Trump out of the White House. You know you have to.

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