October 6, 2022

Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for COVID after speaking to White House press without a mask

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It’s almost like the COVID-19 virus feels the same way about the Trump administration as the majority of the American people do.


As the news broke this morning that the White House press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has contracted the coronavirus, it seemed as if the virus was as anxious to rid Washington DC of the infection of lies and corruption that accompanied Donald Trump’s arrival to the presidency as we are.

McEnany appropriately announced her diagnosis in a post on Twitter.

It’s interesting to note that someone whose job essentially consists of  lying for a living is now considered “an essential worker.”

Many of those who read the tweet were more outraged that McEnany had been continuing to work and mingle with journalists and other White House staffers after having been exposed to COVID-19, ignoring the incubation period for the disease, and refusing to quarantine while the not completely accurate rapid tests she was given continued to show negative results.

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They let the press secretary know how they felt in their own posts on the social media platform.

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Kayleigh even got some celebrity attention.

The outrage over McEnany’s careless conduct after having confirmed contact with someone who has COVID-19 was entirely justified, a point that was driven home by the breaking news that two of the junior staffers working with her have now also tested positive for coronavirus, including a relative of hers in the nepotistic administration.

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While many may take an attitude of “I told you so,” perhaps the best way to respond to Kayleigh McEnany’s diagnosis is to simply quote her boss Donald Trump: “It is what it is.”

Let’s hope that the diminished workforce in the Trump administration makes Joe Biden’s job of decimating him at the polls even easier than it would have otherwise been. When the GOP propaganda machine starts losing parts, who knows how long before it breaks down altogether?

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Vinnie Longobardo

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