August 17, 2022

Trump gets slammed for dragging Secret Service on a joyride to wave to supporters from his limo

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You already knew that Donald Trump cares about no one other than himself.


His behavior during his entire adult life provides ample proof that our current president is as self-centered and narcissistic as a human being could possibly be.

Just in case you are the least bit skeptical of that proposition or you think that a confrontation with mortality may have altered Trump’s deep-rooted selfishness, an incident today should confirm the fact that our president is a colossal piece of…well, let’s just say work to keep things clean.

According to NBC News, Trump pulled a runner from the confines of Walter Reed Medical Center — where he was taken on Friday “out of an abundance of caution,” as his press secretary initially described it — and piled into a presidential limo to briefly greet the crowds of well-wishers who had gathered outside the hospital.

The surprise visit came after the president telegraphed his intentions in two Twitter posts earlier in the day.

The first one was a simple thanks written thanks to his supporters who had gathered outside the hospital, sent in the early afternoon.

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The second post hinted at a more politically orchestrated scheme afoot, a video from Trump’s hospital quarters likely made to counter any questions about his current condition due to the conflicting reports between what his doctors have announced to the press as substantial progress against his COVID-19 infection and the more gloomy account of his symptoms provided off the record by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Apparently, the president is in good enough condition to continue making campaign videos while still in the hospital, so he naturally thought that a quick joy ride to greet his fanatical followers was perfectly fine.

With substantial skepticism already pervading social media platforms over whether the president’s diagnosis was real or a political stunt to draw attention away fro his disastrous debate performance and refusal to condemn white supremacy, perhaps acting as if one were never sick is not the best idea for maintaining credibility, particularly in light of the conflicting accounts of the progress of the virus has been making in his body, which, if you believe his doctors, has been as successful in overcoming Trump’s immune system as the president himself has been in building his border wall.

Once Twitter denizens saw the account of Trump’s ego-gratifying exercise, a likely replacement in his mind for the superspreader circus of his canceled weekend campaign rallies, they pointed out just how willing the president is to endanger the health of his Secret Service staff, reportedly already hard hit by the virus during the pandemic, while feeding his narcissism.

Of course, there is only a danger to the Secret Service if Trump actually has COVID-19. The fact of his seemingly miraculously speedy recovery after just a couple of days raised suspicions among some people that the entire diagnosis was a political sham for a president trailing badly in his re-election polls.

Presumably, Trump returned to the hospital after he had absorbed enough adulation to help him live through until the next day.

If that’s what it takes to keep him alive to witness his massive defeat at the hands of Joe Biden in the election, then by all means let him go ahead.

Except next time make him drive the hermetically-sealed virus incubation vehicle himself and spare the Secret Sevice the risk of infection — unless of course, the secret is that he’s made this entire medical scare up as a campaign ploy.

We should soon see how real the diagnosis is.

If Trump is indeed discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center tomorrow as his doctors suggested today, the brief length of his hospitalization will bring his condition under heavy scrutiny.

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You can watch footage of Donald Trump’s narcissistic afternoon joyride in the video clip below.

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Original reporting by Freddie Tunnard at NBC News.

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