Mike Bloomberg quickly deletes comical video responding to Trump’s ire over his Biden Florida aid


Former Democratic presidential candidate and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg found a perfect vehicle for his response to Donald Trump’s raging twitter rant that the president sent after hearing that the business media kingpin would be dedicating $100 million to help Joe Biden win Florida in the upcoming election.

Here are the two tweets that Trump posted this morning, full of insults and insinuations about his former Republican adversary.

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After seeing those tweets, the billionaire former mayor initially decided to post a hilarious riposte that featured his own head on the body of someone driving a speedboat straight towards a vessel — labeled “Trump’s Chances in Florida” and featuring someone with Donald Trump’s head pasted on their body who frantically waves them off.


Upon reaching the boat on which the Trump figure is standing on the deck, Bloomberg’s ship slows down only to drop anchor right on top of Trump’s flimsy vessel, shattering the boat’s hull and sending it sinking, in a perfect metaphor for what the media moguls millions will do to the president’s re-election efforts in the Sunshine state.

Bloomberg must have had second thoughts about the propriety of the overt video that presumably results with Trump sinking into the watery depths of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway since he deleted the video shortly after posting it.

Luckily eagle-eyed Twitterites noticed and retweeted a copy of the video for posterity.

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Watch and enjoy Mike Bloomberg’s enthusiastic conquering fantasy of revenge and retribution in full in the video below.

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