Twitter questions just what flew out of Donald Trump’s nose at today’s press briefing


Donald Trump avoided Labor Day campaign rallies today in favor of an ersatz, rally-like press conference at the White House where he repeated his phony economic boasts and his lies about his Democratic opponents.

While parts of the nation suffered from extreme heat waves, devastating fires, and the continuing coronavirus pandemic on this out-of-the-ordinary federal holiday, some astute observers noticed what they labeled as an unexpected “snowfall” during the president’s press briefing.

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Yes, that suspicious object flying forth from Donald Trump’s nostril may have merely been the remnants of a dried booger, but that didn’t stop Twitter commenters from having a field day with suspicions that the president had been dipping into a stash of Peruvian marching powder or a line of crushed-up Adderall.


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There are lots more similar witticisms where those came from, but, in the absence of forensic evidence to analyze, the world will have to suffice with wild speculation and suspicious rumors about the president’s potential status as a drug abuser.


If it turns out that Trump is indeed using psychoactive drugs on the job, it would at least provide a measure of explanation other than organic mental deterioration for his erratic behavior and disordered thought processes.

The big question is whether or not that explanation would make us more or less relieved.

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