August 17, 2022

Trump called evangelical religious beliefs “bullsh*t” according to explosive book by his ex-lawyer

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One of the most anticipated of the tell-all books from former members of Donald Trump’s inner circle is due to be released on Tuesday and the advance excerpts are making some astonishing claims about the president’s words and behavior that could make a significant impact on his already negative approvals ratings.


Disloyal: A Memoir by the president’s lawyer and personal fixer Michael Cohen was written primarily while the author was incarcerated in federal prison after his conviction for lying to Congress and the campaign finance and tax evasion charges that he was initially trying to coverup with his perjury.

Before he was sent to prison, Cohen had a change of heart about the man he once said he would “take a bullet” for and gave some fairly damaging testimony against Trump in his last congressional appearance.

Alas, a Republican-controlled Senate prevented Cohen’s initial accusations from leading to Trump’s timely impeachment, and Cohen was left with detailing his many stories of the president’s considerable history of corruption, racism, and misogyny in his book rather than before congressional investigators or federal prosecutors.

The initial excerpts from Disloyal: A Memoir contain a wealth of stories that show the president in a light that is sure to inspire revulsion and disgust from all but his most brainwashed cult members — including numerous examples of blatantly overt racism like his disparagement of the late South African freedom fighter and president Nelson Mandella.

“Mandela f—ed the whole country up. Now it’s a s—hole. F— Mandela. He was no leader,” Cohen reports Trump as saying while praising the country’s former apartheid-era white rulers.

According to Cohen, Trump’s racist hate for his predecessor Barack Obama was so great that he went to the trouble of hiring an Obama impersonator to come to his office so he could scream at him and pretend to “fire” him.

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Psychologists will have a field day with that anecdote.

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The alleged revelations about Trump’s true feelings about minorities are of little surprise to anyone who has watched Trump’s public behavior and heard his bigoted rhetoric over the past 4 years, but it is Cohen’s disclosures of the president’s remarks about the evangelical leaders whose support he has religiously courted that stand to do the most damage to Trump’s re-election campaign.

With many evangelicals already disapproving of the president’s personal foibles like his alleged adultery and all the rest of the seven deadly sins he regularly exemplifies and only supporting his presidency because of his promises to appoint right-wing judges and fight abortion rights, this demonstration of Trump’s actual contempt for spiritual leaders may be the final straw for those values-based voters who don’t particularly like being mocked and or treated with condescension.

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There are a lot more of these types of behind the scenes peeks into the president’s behavior behind closed doors in Cohen’s book.

Let’s hope that Cohen’s attempt at atoning for his sins and his grasping for public redemption manages to help usher in a landslide defeat of this most shameful and deplorable president in U.S. history as the public responds to Trump’s denials of his former lawyer’s revelations with his own words: “Can you believe people believe that bullshit?”

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Original reporting by Ashley Parker and Rosalind S. Helderman at The Washington Post and by Bob Brigham at Salon.

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