Campaign staffer’s lame attacks on Joe Biden’s Sunday activities come back to haunt Trump


Francis Brennan may be the Director of Strategic Response for the Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign, but his mastery of strategy is under serious question after his foolish gaffe on social media this morning.

Brennan may have thought he was doing the president a favor when he posted a tweet that featured Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden refusing to stop to speak to reporters as he exited his parish church this morning.

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Unfortunately for Mr. Brennan, with the news of the president’s derogatory comments about evangelical religious leaders — as revealed in the new book from his former personal attorney Michael Cohen — dominating the news in the past day, the sight of the former vice president attending a Sunday Mass as is his regular religious practice at the church where his own late son is buried is not a very controversial or outrageous thing to see.

That is particularly true when your own boss spends nearly every weekend worshiping the god of golf on the links of his own resort at considerable expense to the public coffers rather than attending any legitimate religious services.


It was unsurprising therefore that Brenan’s specious post attracted a slew of negative responses from Biden defenders who pointed at the inherent hypocrisy of the Trump surrogate’s attack.

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If the person who posted this tweet with its unintentionally damaging indictment of Donald Trump’s spiritual emptiness and self-centered ideology is actually a senior member of the Trump campaign’s strategy team, perhaps the Biden team has less to worry about than they may have thought.

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