July 1, 2022

Twitter slaps manipulated media warning tag on Trump team for editing video of Biden speech

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Trump and his lackeys are desperate to land a punch on the Biden campaign. November is almost upon us and still the Republicans are struggling to construct a narrative to make their disastrous incumbent leader somehow look more competent and better suited to be president than Joe Biden. Unfortunately for them, they have nothing to run on.


COVID-19 continues to ravage the country due to Trump’s failure to properly respond to the outbreak, countless Americans have lost their jobs, racial divisions continue to widen and protestors fill the streets. Biden is offering a reprieve from the chaos and insanity, a chance to return to an America where the people running our government know what they’re doing and our daily political discourse is more than just a glorified reality TV show.

Unable to honestly grapple with the president’s monumental failures and repeatedly demonstrated inability to lead, the Trump campaign is resorting to blatant misinformation and intentionally misleading videos to attack Biden. Earlier today the “Trump War Room” Twitter account, which is run by the official Trump 2020 campaign, tweeted out a video of Biden saying: “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

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While the original video shows that Biden was simply quoting and refuting Trump’s ridiculous claim about him, the War Room tweet presented the snippet as if Biden was literally promising viewers that they would not be safe if he were president. It was a pathetically transparent dirty trick on the part of the Trump campaign and a clear indication that they think American voters are deeply stupid. To prevent people from falling for it, Twitter slapped a “Manipulated Media” tag on the tweet.

Here is the original clip in context.

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And here is what the Trump campaign released.

The account sent a follow-up tweet in which the campaign tried to present the deliberately misleading tweet as a “joke,” but one struggles to believe they would have done so if Twitter hadn’t tagged the tweet as manipulated. All-in-all, this is just embarrassing for the president. Are he and his team really so terrified of losing that they’re resorting to this kind of childish and ultimately ineffective smearing?

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