Trump congratulates himself for saving Kenosha from being destroyed and preventing “great death”


On Monday morning, President Trump took to Twitter and congratulated himself for saving the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, which apparently was on the verge of being entirely destroyed by an enormous raging mob of liberals who were ready to kill and burn.

“There would be no Kenosha” and “great death and injury” declared Trump, diving off the deep end of into the depths of absurd hyperbole like he always does.

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It is extremely bizarre to watch Trump and the right-wing media seizing on the riots that followed the appalling police shooting of Jacob Blake as a 2020 re-election tactic; the message coming out of last week’s Republican National Convention and this weekend’s propagandizing is “this chaos wouldn’t be happening if Donald Trump was president,” even though he is the president and himself spent the weekend implicitly encouraging his supporters to commit violence against the protesters.


While some looting has occurred and some police-affiliated buildings have been burned, the idea that the entire city is somehow at risk is ridiculous.

As president, there are many things that he could do to calm the protesters and rein in America’s hyperviolent and racist police forces — which is all they want. But instead, he would rather fearmonger from the sidelines and fan the flames of racial fear for his own benefit — like every Republican president has before him.

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