Trump urges his fans to sell his autograph, but vastly overvalues its worth on eBay

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If you ever needed an example of how Donald Trump sees the world through his own transactional-based values system, one need only look at footage of Trump at a press briefing in Lake Charles, Louisiana today, where the president appeared after touring some of the horrific damage caused by Hurricane Laura earlier this week.

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At the end of the formal event — but before the cameras stopped rolling — the president was asked whether he’d be willing to offer a few autographs for his fans among the local attendees of his public relations appearance.

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Apparently pleased to know that he still had some fans in the southern state that has been battered by both the COVID-19 pandemic as well this latest natural disaster, Trump readily agreed.

The president’s internal mindset was candidly exposed when he repeated the same dismissive “joke” after handing them a sharpie-inscribed rendition of his illegible scrawl.

As Trump called over his admirers — and his security staff attempted to prevent them from breaching a safe social distancing perimeter — he urged them closer saying “I want a little power…I want them over here. These are the guys.”

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He then gave his autograph to a patiently-waiting local law enforcement officer with a flourish saying “her, sell this tonight on eBay, you’ll get $10,000.”

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It was a message he repeated with each autograph he handed out as you can see in the video footage below.

Trump even went so far to advise one recipient that the autograph shouldn’t include any greeting other than the president’s name because it would depress the resale value of the autograph.

The entire encounter leads one to believe that Trump checks eBay regularly to evaluate the current going rate for his signature like he checks the ratings of his TV appearances.

However, a simple perusal of the online auction site shows that his ego has inflated the value of his scribble by a hundredfold.

For a president accused of a lack of human empathy, this example provides a convenient explanation for his inability to relate to others on a human level.

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When you’re entire worldview is based on monetary values rather than emotional and spiritual cornerstones, such a lack of empathy makes much more sense.

In Trump’s mind, the only things that matter are money and how the individual he is interacting with can benefit his own interests.

America deserves better. Register and vote Donald Trump out of office in November.

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