August 13, 2022

Book insider claims Melania refused to move to White House until the Obamas’ toilet was replaced

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There is an instinct in some parts of the media to treat first Lady Melania Trump with a benefit of the doubt that is not extended—for good reason—to the president himself. Every time she gives a semi-coherent speech or engages in some form of benign PR event the praise pours in. The truth is that this First Lady deserves no accolades and is fully culpable in Donald’s dismantling of our democracy.


Melania has repeatedly refused to denounce her husband’s racist rhetoric or steer him towards less destructive behavior and history will remember those salient facts. This is a woman who eagerly spread the racist birther conspiracies about this country’s first Black president. An impartial operator she is not.

With this reality about the First Lady in mind, she can be treated as fair game for criticism. The new story in The Sun offers a perfect example of how to do just that. According to an upcoming book from the First Lady’s former advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff,  Melania refused to move into the White House until the residence had been drastically renovated to suit her tastes. A booker insider spilled the details to The Sun.

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“Stephanie talks about how she took one look at her bedroom and bathroom and demanded a new shower and toilet,” said the insider, who added that Melania refused to use the same bathroom as the Obamas.

“She was not prepared to use the same bathroom as the Obamas or anyone else for that matter – it wouldn’t matter if it was the Queen of England,” said the insider.

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Melania insisted on fundamentally changing most of the decor of the residence because it wasn’t up to her standards, a surprising hangup on her part given the fact that she chose to marry a man who loves adorning his personal properties in hideous, gaudy gold trim. The Trumps are the Platonic ideals of bad taste.

The insider added that  Melania “seemed to be much more concerned about the decor than she did about allegations of her husband’s alleged infidelity, according to Stephanie.”

The First Lady refused to move into the White House until the bathroom was redone and her other demands for changes were carried out. As The Sun points out, these petty demands cost American taxpayers $150,000 a day in security fees needed to keep the First Lady safe while she remained living in Trump Tower.

In other words, Melania is just as guilty of exploiting the American people as her odious husband. The pair of them need to be thrown out of the White House this November. Once we are no longer paying for it, Melania will be free to carry out her bizarre bathroom needs to her heart’s content.

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