August 18, 2022

Melania Trump falls flat in highly-hyped RNC speech

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Melania Trump headlined the Republican National Convention tonight at a lower volume and a more accented voice than that utilized by Kimberly Guilfoyle — her screeching future step-daughter — during the first night of this virtual celebration of Trumpiness.


Appearing in an olive green, quasi-military outfit, the First Lady gave her speech in front of a maskless crowd in the newly renovated White House Rose Garden that somehow managed to avoid the threatened thunderstorms in Washington DC.

Her remarks came after a fawning parade of GOP politicians and other members of the Trump family — including Eric and Tiffany Trump — praised the president for the previous hour and three quarters and provided fact checkers with enough work to last them until at least the start of tomorrow’s proceedings.

While Melania made it through the somewhat boring speech without any major gaffes or horribly embarrassing moments —aside from a few lines that defied credulity that we’ll discuss later — there were plenty of those to be found earlier in an evening that will likely be remembered most for its last-minute cancellation of a scheduled speaker who was foolish enough to tweet a link to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on a night when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was violating his own department’s protocols by appearing at a political convention with a segment recorded in Jerusalem.

The brazen defiance of federal regulations — such as the Hatch Act which makes using government property for a political campaign verboten — was a hallmark of an evening that started with a stunt pardon by the president of a former Nevada bank robber who turned his life around after getting out of prison.

With GOP luminaries such as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and economic advisor Larry Kudlow on hand to attack Democrats with prepackaged lies, the much-touted positivity that the RNC was supposedly emphasizing was often difficult to find.

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It was fittingly ironic that former Florida Attorney General and Trump impeachment lawyer Pam Bondi spent most of her speech at the convention attacking Joe Biden for nepotism involving his son Hunter on a night when Tiffany, Eric, and Melania Trump were all given featured speaking roles.

It was particularly egregious that Bondi’s falsehood-laden speech was followed without pause by Tiffany Trump’s rare appearance on behalf of her father as she apparently joins her half-brothers and sister as part of the family con job on America.

It was even more egregious coming a day after Eric Trump was called to testify by New York Attorney General Leticia James about alleged Trump Organization financial and tax fraud.

While the world hasn’t seen much of Tiffany during her father’s presidency, she showed herself to be a true Trump with her dad’s talent for passing off lies with a straight face.

Not long after Tiffany came the most cynical ploy from a president who has made his opposition to immigration a central tenet of his philosophy: a citizenship naturalization ceremony presided over by Donald Trump himself — ceremony likely illegal due to the presence of Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf whose tenure should have ended once he was nominated to a permanent position that is still awaiting Senate confirmation.

Eric Trump was up next, followed by Secretary Pompeo, both of whom delivered poisonously partisan attacks on Democrats while inflating the president’s accomplishments far beyond that which any rational assessment would attribute to him.

Then it was time for the evening’s main event, the long-awaited Melania speech that told you immediately that here was no Michelle Obama or Dr. Jill Biden.

With an accent that mocked her husband’s anti-immigrant rhetoric until you realize that Donald has little problem with European immigrants as long as they are “model” citiizens, Melania offered one of the few bits of compassion for victims of what her husband calls the “China virus” that you’ll hear at the RNC.

She also gave a plea for American unity in a way that her husband could never bring himself to do with divisiveness and political polarization being the only modes in which his consciousness ever functions.

The most risible lines of the First Lady’s speech came towards the end, when she said — apparently without irony — that “total honesty is what we deserve from our president” and that her husband “doesn’t waste time playing politics.”

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Perhaps she’s been in a coma for the past three and half years. She was giving a speech at a political convention, for God’s sake!

With that, the second night of the Republican National Convention drew to a close as the president joined his First Lady to acknowledge the applause and stroll back into the White House to get ready for tomorrow’s propaganda festival.

It’s a difficult thing to watch without dangerously raising your blood pressure if you value truth at all, but it does provide a compelling motivation to rid the country of this scourge on our existence that is as deadly as the virus that he has failed to combat effectively.

For that alone, you may want to subject yourself to the suffering and tune in again tomorrow.

Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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