Republican speaker at RNC accidentally praises “segregationists” in appeal to Black voters


The trainwreck calling itself the Republican National Convention started today and it’s already clear that we’re in for an absolute circus this week. Lest anyone make the mistake of thinking that the GOP is in any way salvageable after four years of Trump, the RNC has declined to adopt an official platform this year, choosing instead to simply pledge itself to the president’s agenda. Appropriate for a party that has devoted itself completely to a racist washed-up game show host in cognitive decline, the GOP is wheeling out some truly bizarre individuals to represent itself.

Vox’s Aaron Rupar has been compiling a running list of some of the weirdest remarks. Most of the delegates seem to be solely interested in heaping praise on Trump but some also seem to still think that hurling lukewarm insults at former Vice President Joe Biden—casting aspersions on his mental acuity even after his brilliant DNC speech put such claims to rest for good—is a wise use of their time.

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At one point, we witnessed what can perhaps best be described as a Freudian slip encapsulating the entire RNC. While attempting to praise abolitionists, one convention attendee accidentally bragged about “two of our greatest segregationists” before immediately realizing his mistake and correcting himself.

Glorifying segregationists, even accidentally, is far more in keeping with the ethos of the modern GOP than promoting abolitionists. The party under Trump offers little beyond racial grievance politics and the president himself regularly attacks people of color to incite his racist base. Trump has no interest in subduing the bigoted forces he has unleashed on this country and until he’s out of office there is no way America can heal.

If this is how the RNC is starting one can only imagine how far off the rails it’ll go in the coming days.


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