October 6, 2022

Melania’s former aide says she has tapes of the First Lady trashing Ivanka behind closed doors

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The relationship between the First Lady and her husband’s family — not to mention her husband himself! — has always been suspected to have been frosty. Now one of her former advisors is alleging that she has taped recordings of Melania trashing Trump and his insufferable adult children, especially his daughter Ivanka, her constant rival for the president’s affection and attention.


Reporter Yashar Ali published a story today on his personal Substack claiming that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the First Lady’s aide who abruptly lost her job when reporters discovered she had been given a $26 million contract to help plan Trump’s 2017 inauguration, has tapes of Melania speaking ill of her husband’s family.

Wolkoff is writing the latest in the seemingly endless parade of shocking behind-the-scenes tell-all books about the corruption and dysfunction of the Trump administration and is basing comments in her book off of audiotapes.

“It’s unclear what exactly Wolkoff is alleging that the First Lady said about the president and his adult children but two sources familiar with the contents of her book confirmed that she reveals the details in her book including harsh comments about Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter and senior advisor. It’s also unclear if Wolkoff reveals in the book that she was taping her conversations with the First Lady but I’m told by sources that the comments published in the book are based on audiotapes,” writes Ali.

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Wolkoff’s memoir promises to answer all the questions that Trump-obsessed America has about the sordid details of the Trump scandals and his private relationships.

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How did Melania react to the Access Hollywood tape and her husband’s affair with Stormy Daniels? Does she get along well with Ivanka? Why did she wear that jacket with “I really don’t care, do u?” printed on the back? Is Melania happy being First Lady? And what really happened with the inauguration’s funding of $107 million” teases the promotional material for Wolkoff’s book.

The book also claims that Melania’s betrayal nearly “destroyed” Wolkoff, which we find extremely hard to believe.

It is wildly frustrating to see all these former Trump toadies rushing out their books and making them look like victims after eagerly participating in the Trump family’s gratuitous efforts to embezzle money and subvert any and all oversight. Somehow, they are always shocked to find themselves cast aside when they prove to be a liability to the Trumps, even though using and discarding people at a whim has been Trump’s modus operandi for literally his entire life.

Please don’t buy her book.

Original reporting by Yashar Ali on Substack.

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