August 19, 2022

Katie Porter embarrasses Trump’s Postmaster: “You don’t know the cost to mail a postcard?”

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, the disgraceful Trump lackey who has been spearheading the president’s efforts to gut the U.S. Postal Service ahead of the 2020 election testified before Congress today and gave the kind of shameful performance we’ve come to expect from members of this administration.


DeJoy has come under intense, well-deserved fire in recent weeks after moving to delay the delivery time of mail, refusing overtime for postal workers, and ordering the removal of crucial mail-sorting equipment from post offices. While he has since promised to halt his so-called “initiatives” until after the election, it’s clear he cannot be trusted in his position. The Republicans want to destroy the Postal Service so that they can hand over its functions to private companies. More importantly, they want to inhibit mail-in voting to help Trump’s reelection prospects.

During his hearing today, DeJoy did little to instill confidence as Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) did a masterful job of tearing into him and revealing how singularly unfit he is to run the USPS. Her questioning started off on a decidedly embarrassing note as the postmaster general proved unable to say how much it costs to mail a postcard and conceded that he knows “very little” about postage stamps. Porter pounced, stumping DeJoy by asking him a slew of basic questions about mail costs that he should have been able to easily answer.

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DeJoy was also unable to answer questions about mail-in voting, prompting Porter to voice her concern over his demonstrated ignorance. She pointed out that he decided to take “very decisive action” after assuming his position before even learning the basics of the postal service. In response, DeJoy claimed that he didn’t order the overhaul plans, a dubious insistence at best. When pressed to explain who if not him ordered the changes, DeJoy was evasive and vague, failing to take responsibility or provide a name.

Soon after, Porter went for the jugular.

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“Will you commit that if the inspector general finds that you committed misconduct with regard to your financial interests in any other company such as XPO Logistics or Amazon—will you commit if the inspector general finds that you committed misconduct—will you commit to then resigning?” asked Porter.

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“Uh I don’t believe they will find misconduct but I don’t see why I would commit here right now to resigning for any reason,” said DeJoy.

“You don’t think there’s any reason that you should ever resign?” asked Porter.

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“No reason that I’ve heard here today,” said DeJoy.

“Okay,” said Porter, clearly frustrated.

After listening to DeJoy’s testimony, one can’t help but come to the conclusion that he should resign immediately, regardless of what the inspector general finds. The man doesn’t understand the postal service he’s been tasked with leading and will only inflict further damage on a crucial American institution if he remains in power.

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