August 10, 2022

Trump calls press briefing to announce new emergency authorization of plasma treatment

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Donald Trump’s contempt for science knows no apparent bounds.


With anyone else, such animosity would be a relatively harmless quirk or a perplexing eccentricity that could easily be dismissed as irrelevant in one’s own life.

For the President of the United States, however, such an antagonistic attitude towards the scientific method and the scientists who tirelessly toil away on research projects that can prove or disprove whatever theorem that they are testing can be as dangerous to the health of the American public as one could possibly imagine.

Trump’s lack of respect for the scientific process and consensus was on full display this afternoon in a rare Sunday afternoon press briefing — one suspiciously timed to precede the launch of the Republican National Convention tomorrow — that the president used to announce the issuance of an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma by the Food and Drug Administration to treat patients struggling with  COVID-19 infections.

Unfortunately for public health and safety, it appears that the emergency use authorization is suspected of being issued under heavy political pressure from the White House in dire need of some good news on the pandemic front as Trump’s polling numbers in his re-election campaign keep dropping precipitously.

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Until today, the FDA has indicated that the data in clinical tests of convalescent plasma therapy against coronavirus infections have not been particularly promising, which is why its guidance until today was that all tests of the treatment had to be coordinated through their clinical trials or one of two other emergency use programs.

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Trump’s announcement today will allow a greatly expanded use of plasma therapy without any hard proof that the treatment is either effective or safe.

Convalescent plasma consists of the liquid remaining after red and white blood cells are removed from the blood of a person who has recovered from a bout of COVID-19, leaving the resulting plasma rich in natural antibodies.

As a method of therapeutic treatment, some form or another of convalescent plasma has been in use since the early days of modern medicine in the first decade of the 2oth century.

After Trump announced that he was announcing the new emergency use authorization, he allowed both Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and Dr. Stephen Hahn the Commissioner of the FDA to make a few comments before allowing a pitifully few questions from the press.

Predictably, the questions went to two Trump-friendly news organizations, Fox News and OANN, the latter of which had not even been assigned a seat in the briefing room by the White House Correspondents Association that makes such assignments.

When even one of the reporters from his fawning news channels asked a question that began to undermine the significance of today’s announcement, Trump beat a hasty retreat from the briefing room as reporters shouted questions to the FDA chief as to whether he was “pressured” to fast-track the emergency use authorization by the president.

The response to the president’s briefing today was mixed, with advocates for patients grateful that the easement of the bureaucracy surrounding the experimental treatment might make it more widely available for the most desperately afflicted patients while those who mistrust everything that Trump says or does – or who value the regulatory restrictions concerning drug efficacy and safety over political expediency — harshly regarded the president’s latest example of stunt medicine as a strictly political gambit.

Whether convalescent plasma is the “miracle cure” that Trump has been wolf crying as imminent since the beginning of the pandemic remains to be seen as the data from clinical trials continues to pour in and be analyzed.

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Whether the American public will regard Trump’s latest stunt in bypassing medical and scientific procedure at the FDA as beneficial or even the result of any effort on Trump’s part is another open question.

Most of us, however, long for the day when we don’t have to analyze every statement by our president for its truthfulness and don’t have to wonder what the motive for any given action he takes may be.

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Original reporting by Steve Herman at Voice of America and by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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