September 28, 2022

Trump Campaign Sr. Advisor Jason Miller facing criminal contempt of court charges

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The Trump campaign’s senior advisor and top national spokesman is facing a hearing in which a Florida judge will decide about the appointment of a special prosecutor to pursue criminal contempt of court charges against him. (court document embedded below) 


Jason Miller was the campaign’s national spokesman during the 2016 election and was going to be Trump’s White House communications director but lost the gig before Trump was even inaugurated when a campaign surrogate revealed that their extramarital affair led to a baby while his wife was also pregnant. Quietly rehired in June 2020, Miller’s troubles are still far from over.

Now, that former campaign surrogate A.J. Delgado — a New York lawyer who has since become a tremendous Trump administration critic — has filed a motion for criminal contempt against her former lover Miller.

Delgado accuses Jason Miller of being a deadbeat dad who owes a five-figure sum in child support payments, while he’s making huge bucks working for Donald Trump’s campaign to reelect the President. Here is an excerpt from Delgado’s sworn motion:

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Miller still owes over $17,000 in back child-support as of today.

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According to the court docket, there have been over 1200 entries, and a total of 69 hearings, including over a dozen court, dates set for between now and the 20th of November.

“You may have a beef with mom, but why would you want your kid to suffer?” asked divorce attorney Kira Willig, Esq. of the law firm Robert J. Hanreck P.A., which specializes in divorce, paternity and family law. “The court takes non-payment of child support very seriously. Any judge who looks at a docket this large will know that it’s a high-conflict case.”

“They’re all about “Law and Order,” but here’s somebody who is affiliated with the Trump campaign which is allegedly disobeying this court order and that flies in the face of what they supposedly stand for,” says Willig, who is also an adjunct law professor in family law. “It seems that Mr. Miller would rather pay his well-regarded attornies than paying his child support when, in all likelihood, he could afford to pay both.”

“The court does not tolerate this kind of gamesmanship when you’re dealing with the wellbeing of a child,” said the family lawyer. “It’s a sign of flagrant disrespect for the rule of law.” – Willig

“Nobody really knows the chances of this judge appointing a special prosecutor. But the court can not only incarcerate Miller for non-payment but also suspend his driver’s license, his passport and even seize his tax refunds or stimulus payments, regardless of if the criminal contempt proceedings commence,” concluded Florida family lawyer and mediator Willig. “When faced with a jail cell, non-payers all of a sudden seem to come up with the money they claim they didn’t have.”

This is not Jason Miller’s first brush with the Florida courts or his first significant fallout from the campaign affair with Delgado. In fact, his philandering directly led to him losing two out of his last three, high profile jobs and exposing his deepest secrets.

In the aftermath of losing his White House job – always told to the press as him resigning in all cases – Jason Miller took a job at the global CEO consultancy Teneo, in February of 2017. Delgado quietly filed her paternity suit over their son in the summer of that year.

Jason Miller’s very public troubles all began in September 2018 when a Gizmodo story caused CNN to force him out of his job as a contributor, but he retained his position at Teneo.

He subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against Gizmodo over the story, which was entitled “Court Docs Allege Ex-Trump Staffer Drugged Woman He Got Pregnant With ‘Abortion Pill.”

While that case was pending, Jason Miller took to Twitter last summer. He fired off a series of Trump-like insults and expletives at House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler after he accidentally called the now-White House senior advisor Hope Hicks “Ms. Lewandowski” in a public hearing. (Note: Mr. Miller has blocked this author on Twitter.)

Miller departed his high-powered consultancy gig at Teneo just days later.

As his defamation case dragged on, a deposition emerged where the Trump 2020 campaign’s senior advisor admitted under oath both to hiring prostitutes and having patronized Asian-themed massage parlors for sexual services.

Two months later, at the end of last summer, a Florida judge ultimately decided against him in the Gizmodo libel case. Ironically, even though Miller was facing the paternity case which could land him in jail in a Miami-Dade state court, that wasn’t enough of a tie to Florida to give him standing to sue an NYC reporter in that state’s courts over another incident where a podcaster called him a “rat-faced baby killer” because of the allegations that sparked the Gizmodo lawsuit. Earlier this month, Miller argued the Gizmodo libel case on appeal in a federal court over a state law issue.

It appeared that Jason Miller might be down and out at the start of the year, mired in a swamp of legal bills from a long list of Miami’s premier divorce and paternity lawyers, when he joined Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast as a co-host. The former Trump Campaign Chair, Bannon, just got arrested for a national fraud scheme by selling a private wall to Trump supporters, which Miller denies any involvement in the scam.

In late May 2020, he registered as a highly paid corporate lobbyist. That is of significance to any potential court hearing on his child support payments since it could be used to establish his ability to pay.

Two months after he started as a lobbyist, but Miller’s fortunes only became ascendant as Donald Trump’s electoral standing in national and battleground state polling began to falter substantially. He was rehired by the Trump Campaign in early June 2020, which Politico aptly remarked was “despite past scandals.”

In the wake of Trump’s coronavirus-plagued rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in late June, Axios reported that Jason Miller is now Trump’s first phone call of the day because he’s a “Trump whisperer.”

With Parscale’s subsequent firing and Miller’s frequent appearances on Sunday morning political programs, it stands to reason that the deadbeat dad now holds even more influence within the campaign, and with Donald Trump directly.

It feels very “on-brand” to turn the alleged deadbeat dad Jason Miller into the face of the Trump 2020 campaign going into the Republican National Convention hosted in Charlotte Jacksonville Charlotte, for the President known as “Individual-1,” a man whose personal lawyer pled guilty and fingered him for directing a criminal cover-up of his affair with a porn star soon after the birth of his youngest son.

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This morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Miller in his role as the Trump 2020 campaign senior advisor why Donald Trump had so many “shady” people working for him, after asking about his involvement in the WeBuildTheWall scam.

“There are a number of folks on the list…,” replied Jason Miller, “who have made serious mistakes in their life that have nothing to do with President Trump, and they’re going to have to be accountable for all of that.”

Jason Miller has been held accountable for his mistakes frequently by getting fired from every job he has held since the end of 2016. He was probably only dredged up from oblivion because he’s intensely loyal to Trump, and the campaign is having trouble attracting top talent.

Soon, we’ll learn if Jason Miller will be held accountable once again, facing a criminal trial for his repeated failures to pay child support and ignoring numerous court orders commanding him to care for his son, while he’s busy hiring an all-star roster of lawyers and making media appearances and advising Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign.

Read the entire motion here:

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