August 16, 2022

Scaramucci warns Trump that “documentary evidence” will expose his “rank criminality”

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The body count in the Donald Trump regime goes beyond the now over 175,000 deaths due to COVID-19, beyond the U.S. armed forces targeted due to Russian bounties on their heads, to the now ruined careers of so many of the people he has employed both in his business enterprises and his presidential term so far.


One of the early casualties of Trump’s White House tenure, former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who was transformed into a fierce critic of the president by even his briefest of times working in the Oval Office, warned Trump that he had better be prepared for a new set of damaging revelations — backed up by hard evidence — about to be published in the new book by his former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Scaramucci appeared on MSNBC this afternoon and characterized Cohen’s tell-all tome — written as the former Trump Organization lawyer and “fixer” languished in prison for his own crimes of lying to Congress and violating campaign finance and tax laws — as highlighting Trump as a recidivist criminal and exposing the “repetitiveness” of his legal violations.

The ex-Communications chief aid that Cohen’s book will give the details of Trump’s “rank criminality” and “steep, steep immorality backed up by evidence.”

“It is not like Michael is going to say this and the White House is going to discredit him and ‘say he has a problem in the court system and he went to prison,’” Scaramucci explained.

“He is going to back it up with documentary evidence to show the level of illegality, the repetitiveness of the illegality, and I tweeted out earlier this morning that the betrayal to the country is astonishing,” he continued.  “So that information originally, unfortunately, he’s done a very good job of over the last three years of capping that information. We are getting to his re-election and all of this information is going to be coming out and Michael’s book will be a very big cornerstone of that.”

Scaramucci expressed his curiosity about how the White House will respond to allegations backed up with the evidence proving the accusations.

“Can I say something?” Scaramucci asked. “If it’s a bunch of lies that he shows up with the documentary evidence that he literally just shows the paperwork behind that,  just curious what the White House will say to that.”

If that teaser doesn’t get you salivating for the strategically-timed release of Michael Cohen’s new book, who knows what actually could.

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Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the September 8 publication date to read the full book, although excerpts are likely to be published in advance of the release date as part of the book’s marketing campaign.

Even in pre-orders alone, the book is at #7 on the Amazon charts, surely making Trump’s envy burn brightly.

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You can watch Anthony Scaramucci’s appearance on MSNBC, discussing the arrest of Steve Bannon and Cohen’s upcoming written indictment of the president in the video excerpt below.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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