August 10, 2022

Trump wanted to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland because it was “dirty” and “poor”: ex-DHS official

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One of the great things about former officials in the administration of Donald Trump feeling remorse over their service to the deplorable president — and deciding to spill their guts about the insanity they’ve witnessed — is the corroboration of jaw-dropping stories published in the news media that were fervently denied by the administration when they originally surfaced.


Now that former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor has published a scathing op-ed attacking the president and gone on record as endorsing Joe Biden in a video that’s gone viral, he has been making the media rounds and revealing the inner details of several incidents over the past three years that had people scratching their heads in puzzlement when they initially surfaced.

Having already confirmed horrifying comments from Trump about cutting off aid to victims of California’s deadly wildfires because he didn’t carry the state in the 2016 election, in an interview on MSNBC Taylor amplified the initial reports from a year ago that the president wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark and added the even more damning revelation that Trump actually wanted to trade Puerto Rico for the massive Arctic island, calling the U.S. commonwealth “dirty” and “poor.”

In other words, a “shithole,” as Trump referred to other poverty-stricken nations populated by people of color.

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No wonder that — as Taylor revealed yesterday — the White House liaison to the department has been instructed to “dig up dirt” on him from other DHS employees likely in order to discredit him in the eyes of the public and shield the president from his damning insider accounts of Trump’s appalling behavior.

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Trump had better get ready to order some more major excavation of damaging counter-measures against former members of his staff, since Miles Taylor has warned that there are plenty of other ex-Trump administration staff members with equally disturbing tales to tell and a willingness to disclose the details in order to ensure that this president is defeated in November.

“The president hasn’t heard the last of us,” said Taylor yesterday on ABC’s Good Morning America. “In fact, me speaking out yesterday, you can think of it as an opening salvo.”

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At this point, there’s little the former Trump officials can say that will surprise anyone who has been following the news outside of the right-wing media bubble with any regularity.

Trump’s idea of buying Greenland was insane enough. The news that he was willing to trade an island filled with American citizens to achieve his outlandish goal, just makes the imperative to vote him out of office all the more necessary.

Make sure you are registered and head to the polls — or bring your mail-in ballot to the post office box…if you can find one.

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