Trump selfishly makes interview about his dead brother all about himself and his “success”


This weekend, President Donald Trump lost his brother, Robert Trump, who he has not mentioned once in the four years of his presidency. While publicly the president made all the appropriate mournful statements and expressions of grief, it wasn’t lost on anyone that he didn’t bother going to the hospital to see his brother before he passed, instead choosing to play golf.

On Monday morning, Trump joined FOX and Friends for an interview, and he once again proved his incapable of tempering his sociopathic narcissism in any situation. In a stunning show of selfishness, Trump turned the discussion about Fred Trump into a plug for his own “success” and praised his brother for not being “jealous” of him. He even threw in a passive-aggressive jab at his dead brother, claiming that he was “smart, but he wasn’t, you know…”

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The president’s remarks prove once again that loyalty and flattery are the only virtues of any value to Donald Trump. The only thing that stands out to Trump about his brother, who had, in fact, had been estranged from him for years before his death, is that he never publicly criticized him or envied him, even though Trump clearly thinks Robert should have been envious of him, because he was sooooooo “successful.”

The way that the remarks dovetail into Trump’s formulaic blaming of China for the coronavirus crisis both hints that Robert Trump died of COVID-19 (cause of death has not been released) and calls into question whether any of what he just said has any relation to reality at all, given the way that the remarks are peppered with meaningless platitudes like “a lot of people have already forgotten, and you can’t forget.”


The president’s apparent unfamiliarity with the term “best friend” raises a whole host of questions about the President and the way in which he views the people around him.

While it’s almost expected at this point, it is still breathtaking to see the ease with which Trump will take any subject, including the death of his brother, and callously twist it to make it all about himself. His entire presidency has been laser-focused on his burnishing his ego, and the tens of millions of Americans who are facing sickness, eviction, and poverty from the COVID-19 crisis are a grim testament to his neglectful narcissism.

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