August 10, 2022

Teenage rebellion: Kellyanne Conway’s daughter trash-tweets her mom for supporting Trump

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Being a teenager is notoriously tough.


No longer a child, beset with a flood of unfamiliar and life-altering hormones, subject to aching decisions about an increasingly uncertain future, it’s a difficult period in anyone’s life.

Of course, some teens have it better than others.

Some may not live in stable family homes; some must work when not in school to survive; some have every opportunity and amenity provided for them by well-to-do parents.

Then there are those teens who — despite the ample financial support from their family — are mortified by the embarrassment caused by their celebrity parents whose daily activities are publicly chronicled on TV and in social media.

Claudia Conway, the daughter of Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, decidedly fits in this last category.

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At 15-years-old, Claudia has become the latest poster girl for teenage rebellion against parents who, although they have diametrically opposed views on the character of Donald Trump, are both conservative luminaries.

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As Claudia has developed her own political outlook, she has decidedly sided with her father’s “Never Trump” philosophy and, through her social media activity, expressed views on social issues that are as far from conservative as one would expect any modern urban teenager would hold.

Once the media discovered Claudia’s Twitter feed, her outspoken criticism of her mother’s boss and her perspective on internal family squabbles soon led to a suspension of online privileges for the rebellious daughter.

In today’s connected world of remote online classes, it was impossible to keep Claudia off of social media for long.

She soon returned to posting content that was even more virulently anti-Trump than even the most scathing Lincoln Project ads that her father helped develop.

Claudia has been particularly active in the last 24 hours, beginning with a gauntlet of opposition to the president that she threw down yesterday as her mission statement and raison d’être.

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The Conway daughter quickly demonstrated her ethos with her sarcastic comments on a post by Trump ludicrously claiming that he’s the most pro-woman president in history.

Things get a bit more touchy in her next tweet, where she poses a question in response to a tweet by her own mother that is laden with implicit accusations of political hypocrisy.

Claudia is apparently learning firsthand the lessons of political media manipulation where ends, not means, are all that matters.

How far the scion of conservative media stars has drifted from the philosophies of those that spawned her is made evident in her next tweet, a fan-girl plea to the progressive beacon, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

The cognitive dissonance between the daughter’s progressive beliefs and the mother’s role as a primary spokesperson for the president came into stark view when Claudia lamented about being forced to watch her own mother on TV next to the person that she has already indicated she holds more animosity towards than anyone else in the world.

It’s tough being a teen and coming to the realization that life just isn’t fair.

Still being a teen means that you get to send tweets like this next one out, displaying all of the transgressive glory that adolescents alone can muster.

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Just make sure you call your mom next time she’s live on Fox News, Claudia.

That will be a news clip that’s sure to go viral on social media.

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