August 10, 2022

North Carolina Republican congressional candidate slammed for visiting Hitler’s Eagle Nest bunker

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As America gets used to the concept that our next Congress will likely include a QAnon devotee amongst its members, it may soon have to adjust to idea that it may also include a certified Führer-phile.


A Republican congressional candidate from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn — decidedly of the extreme right-wing persuasion — was outed as a fan of the World-War II German leader of the Nazi party, when photos posted to Instagram of a “bucket list” vacation in 2017 to Adlerhorst, known in English as Eagle’s Nest, Adolph Hitler’s main military command bunker complex.

While the posts were quickly deleted once they were discovered by the public at large, savvy archivists kept screenshots of the posts which reveal Cawthorn’s eerie fascination with one of the 20th century’s most ruthless mass-murderers.

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Besides referring to Hitler with an obviously undeserved honorific, Cawthorne reportedly has also named his real estate company SPQR, a harkening back to the Roman empire with a term favored in white nationalist circles, according to an expose written about him on Jezebel, and hangs a 13-star Betsy Ross flag in his home, another symbol appropriated by violent right-wing extremists to signal their solidarity with the days of slavery.

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With a pedigree like that, one would think that Cawthorn, who at 25-years-old would be one of the youngest representatives in Congress if he is elected, would be a natural for an endorsement by Donald Trump.

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However, while he is likely to garner that nod fro the president in the general election, in the Republican primary in Cawthorn’s district, Trump had endorsed his more establishment opponent.

Whether the thinking behind Trump’s primary endorsement was that Cawthorn was too young and inexperienced to in his district or too radical to win a general election is not known, but the new controversy over the young candidate has provided Moe Davis, his Democrat opponent in North Carolina’s traditionally Republican 11th District in the western part of the state, with some potent campaign fodder as they vie for the seat vacated by now-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Davis, a retired Air Force colonel who resigned as Guantanamo Bay’s chief prosecutor to protest a policy allowing evidence obtained through torture to be used in trials, reposted Cawthorn’s Instagram post on Twitter with his own pithy comment.

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Sadly, due to the overwhelmingly Republican majority in the gerrymandered 11th district, Cawthorn has a good chance of winning the race against his much more experienced and level-headed Democratic opponent.

A House of Representatives with Nazi-sympathizers and QAnon loonies disrupting the governance of our nation — even with the GOP in the minority and Trump evicted from the White House — means that our next legislative session will be in for some interesting news days ahead.

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Original reporting by Philissa Cramer at The Forward and by Esther Wang at Jezebel.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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