October 6, 2022

Belligerent and foul-mouthed anti-masker gets carried out of store by his own son

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Over 5 million Americans have contracted COVID-19, over 161,000 have died, and yet still there are people who refuse to wear masks in public. Whether through selfish stubbornness, laziness, or adherence to unhinged conspiracy theories holding that the virus is a hoax, these people keep popping up in viral videos, accosting other more responsible citizens for asking them to do the bare minimum to help curb the spread.


A new video purportedly out of Tucson, Arizona has spread like wildfire across Twitter since yesterday. Allegedly, it shows a man melting down in a store, screaming at others for wearing masks, to the point where his son feels obligated to physically pick him up and carry him out of the building like a petulant child.

“People won’t learn! These people won’t learn! You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks you know it’s not real,” the man says when the video starts, presumably sharing his own insane opinion that the coronavirus pandemic is somehow a hoax orchestrated by the media or government.

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“Look at you fools, you got a f*cking doily on your face you ret*rd. You look like you f*cking got it off your mom’s countertop. You look like an idiot, you’re a child,” the man said, addressing one of the other individuals present.  Others began to shout at the man.

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“You’re a dork, look at you, you dumb*ss f*cking dork. What are you going to do? Come outside! Come outside and show me how tough you are,” the man says to one of the individuals as two younger men, one of them calling the anti-masker “dad,” began to push him towards the exit in an apparent effort to deescalate the situation.

“I’ll beat that f*cking mask off your face like a f*cking ret*rd,” the man said, continuing to hurl threats even as his son propelled him towards the door. “F*cking p*ssies, you’re all a bunch of p*ssies wearing masks! Loser!” he added as his son literally picked him up and carried him out of the story.

Watch the equally hilarious and disturbing encounter below. And please, wear a mask.

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