August 10, 2022

Trump’s daily presser — The highlights of his gunshot-interrupted briefing

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Donald Trump’s press conference finally got some excitement to liven up the boring drone of the president poorly trying to read and recite the pre-prepared words that his aides put before him.


Unfortunately, it took the Secret Service rushing him out of the briefing room due to a shooting that took place outside the White House to generate excitement today, with no sustained push back by White House correspondents to the president’s litany of lies, dystopian visions for America if the country does not re-elect him, and outrageously false allegations against his Democratic opponents.

Sadly, Trump quickly returned to the podium after a short lockdown and continued to slather his verbal manure on the public.

Here are the highlights from today’s briefing, cheerfully compiled by Vox’s Aaron Rupar.

Trump began with a staple of his recent public comments, the incredible dangers of universal suffrage as enabled during this pandemic by mail-in ballots, a hyped-up, phony danger that he combined with another of his delusional predictions that the COVID-19 virus would disappear just in time for Election Day.

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Despite speculation that the sudden presidential evacuation was another one of Trump’s distractive moves to get you to take your eye off the card that he’s about to palm in his political three-card monte game, the interruption turned out to be more legitimate than anything that was subsequently uttered by the president during the rest of the news conference.

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Add your name to demand Congress reject Trump’s dictatorial call to delay the election!

If only we had a president who was capable of making the world less dangerous rather than this virtual arsonist of a chief executive.

As someone born into enough wealth that he could squander his inheritance and still have enough money to play at being rich, Trump seems to think that every American has a stock portfolio and a 401K that will be greatly affected by his intentions to propose a capital gains tax cut yet again, a cut that will only benefit those who need the least assistance during the current crisis.

The president cried wolf again by raising the promise of a middle-class tax cut, the kind the Republicans somehow forgot to include in their last billionaire tax giveaway.

Rupar is giving Trump too much credit in attributing Trump’s stubborn insistence that coronavirus cases are somehow caused by testing to stupidity rather than self-interested malice.

Take his comparisons in the caseloads experienced by Japan and Australia to that here in the U.S.

Even a complete moron knows when one number is bigger than another, so intentional misinformation is the only explanation for this next comment. That and a stunningly low estimation of the intelligence of the American public.

The president engages in revisionist history once again here.

Trump on February 7th: “Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation.”

Speaking of revisionist history, it takes a complete reversal of IQ to buy Trump’s claims that his payroll tax deferral instituted by yesterday’s executive order won’t damage Social Security and Medicare which are mostly funded by that income deduction. Believing what Trump says about that won’t be nearly as harmful, however, as accepting his cynically ignorant and damaging assertion that children are not harmed by catching coronavirus.

Funny, we don’t see him volunteering Barron to demonstrate the validity of his claims.

Ambulance-chasing lawyers are salivating as we speak over the class-action suits that this statement from the president will likely inspire…if the GOP isn’t successful in passing a liability suit ban as part of any negotiated pandemic relief bill — if one is even possible after Trump’s executive order antics.

Now it was time for the president to try to instill the fear of a nightmarish post-Trumpian world under a prospective Biden administration.

If Trump had any ambition to become the host of a TV horror anthology series in his dotage, someone should suggest that he abandon them immediately, since his scare tactics are so literally incredible as to inspire derision at their ludicrousness.

Trump’s attempts to paint himself as the savior of those with pre-existing conditions when the Obamacare legislation currently in effect that already guarantees those protections is being assaulted in the federal courts by his own Department of Justice is an audacious move that further insults the intelligence of anyone with the slightest bit of civic awareness.

With this number of lies packed into a brief press conference, Trump can certainly lay claim to preserving the jobs of media fact-checkers across the country.

Trump made sure to keep his Russian handlers happy with his next set of answers to the assembled press.

With few reporters daring to challenge the president’s nonsensical responses to their questions, Trump let the Q & A go on a bit longer than he has at most recent press briefings. He ended by deigning to take a question from a foreign reporter from Brazil and from one of the audience plants from OAN.

There you have it. Your daily dose of that which makes you ashamed to be an American until we manage to oust this ignoramus from the seat of power.

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Now that he’s used a gunfight to liven up the festivities, Trump will have to come up with something new to distract the audience tomorrow.

Trained seals, perhaps? Nah, Trump never likes being upstaged by anyone smarter than himself.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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