August 10, 2022

Fistfights break out between police supporters and counter-protestors in Colorado Springs

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It’s bad enough that protestors standing up against police brutality against Black Americans have to face violence from the officers whose behavior they are calling out, but now BLM activists are being targeted by right-wing extremists who support the police unquestioningly even as they themselves violate the law during their “Back the Blue” demonstrations.


A case in point took place in Fort Collins, Colorado yesterday when a pro-police demonstration came across some counter-protestors advocating for police reform and instigated a confrontation that quickly devolved into a massive fistfight in a roadside ditch.

One witness to the brawl posted videos of the incident and its aftermath on Instagram with her account of what happened:

“I was at the Pro Police FCPD rally today. Counter protestors were violently beaten and had no signs of aggression or hostility. Pro Police protestors forced them to the end of the block and then savagely assaulted them. Afterwards the COUNTER PROTESTORS WERE DETAINED. The officers did not tell them why they were being detained. The pro police protestors who literally assaulted these people for no fucking reason other than being PSYCHOPATHS got away with it. I am so sick and tired of this,” Ciara Wilsonn wrote.

As the ironically pro-“law & order” demonstrators engage in an orgy of illicit violence, one of their group shouts:

“Everybody keep their hands off their weapons!”

“Keep punching each other in the face. Don’t shoot anybody.”

How kind of them to discourage outright murder. Sooo law-abiding!

Watch the intolerant rage of proto-fascists at work. Who needs brownshirts when you can cloak yourself in the red, white, and particularly the blue to enforce your Nazi-like ideals?

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Take a look at the fists of fury for yourself and lament the fate of the American experiment in democracy for yourself.

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]Make sure to scroll through the four different videos in the Instagram post to see the arrival of the police and their targeting of the counter-protestors who were the victims of the violence rather than their supporters who instigated it.


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Add your name to demand Congress reject Trump’s dictatorial call to delay the election!

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Suffice it say that without the divisive political presence of Donald Trump, likely none of this would be happening right now.

The only way to prevent the spread of more incidents like this, with violence as contagious as a coronavirus, is to remove the inspiration to goons like this and vote Trump out of office in an overwhelming landslide for Joe Biden.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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