August 19, 2022

Trump tells Geraldo concerns about his “brainpower” have “disappeared” in new disastrous interview

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President Trump has been doing himself no favors with his recent interviews. Last month, he sat down with Chris Wallace and utterly beclowned himself by getting fact-checked to his face about Joe Biden and bragging about taking a cognitive test which Wallace pointed out was rather easy and basically amounted to identifying photographs of animals.


Despite the widespread ridicule Trump claimed the disastrous Wallace interview got “good reviews” which perhaps explains his ill-advised decision to forge ahead with more interviews.

His Axios interview with Jonathan Swan was released in full on Wednesday and went viral for a litany of reasons, none of them good for Trump. From his vile attacks on the late Rep. John Lewis, to his frantic waving around of charts and inability to understand them, the president came across as confused, erratic, and deeply ignorant. Mockery poured in and it was immediately apparent that he would have been better off never sitting down for the interview in the first place.

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Now, CNN’s Daniel Dale reports that Trump has been interviewed by Geraldo Rivera on his Cleveland radio show. It started off relatively well by Trumpian standards (which is to say abysmal by normal ones) with the president once again pushing his dangerous talking point that children have to return to school in the fall despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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From there, the interview went off the rails. Trump ludicrously claimed that Joe Biden, a devout Catholic who regularly talks about how his faith gives him the strength to survive life’s hardships, is “against the Bible.”

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The irony of Donald Trump, a lifelong philanderer, sexual predator, and crook who adopted religion just to win over Evangelical votes attacking someone like Joe Biden over religion was apparently lost on both men.

“That may be a little harsh,” said Geraldo, failing to display the kind of courageous adversarial pushback showcased by Wallace and Swan in their interviews.

Trump backed off a bit and pushed the equally untrue idea that the people Biden has surrounded himself with are “against the Bible.”

Once again, the president repeated his pathetic claim that the cognitive test he took was difficult. Even more laughably, he also insisted that questions about his “brainpower” simply “disappeared” after he took the test. The reality, of course, is that the president bragging about passing a test used to test for cognitive decline only made the questions about his mental fitness multiply.

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The interview wound down with the two men discussing the Trump-supporting boat owners that have become an obsession of the president’s in recent months. As his polls numbers tank and his reelection chances dwindle, Trump has fixated on photos and videos of MAGAheads boating around with his flag in a sad effort to make himself feel like the country likes him.

“I love them. That’s the sign of what I’m talking about. That’s the silent majority,” Trump said.

Perhaps the president should take a cue from this so-called “silent majority” and stop talking so much. Every time he opens his mouth for an interview he reinforces how crucial it as that we vote him out office come November. This man is not well.

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