Trump gets jumbled up while insulting Biden’s mind, says there are palm trees all over Indiana


Donald Trump knows he’s in trouble this November. Joe Biden is leading him in the polls and the president is still struggling to articulate a coherent argument for why he should be reelected after four years of the most disastrous administration in American history. Lacking such a narrative, he’s decided to do the one thing he knows how to do: attack.

Trump has been blitzing Biden all day long, hurling one inane insult after another, trying his hardest to find a smear that will stick. He started by telling Geraldo Rivera that Biden—a devout Catholic it must be noted—is “against the Bible.”

He followed up that ridiculous claim with an even more bizarre one. After arriving in Ohio, Trump insisted that Biden will somehow “hurt God,” unleashing a wave of confusion as Americans tried to puzzle out how the former vice president could possibly inflict harm on an entity said to be omnipotent and incorporeal.

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Apparently undaunted by the backlash to his pathetic jabs, Trump went after Biden again while speaking at a Whirlpool Corporation washing machine factory in Ohio. The man who has repeatedly bragged about acing a cognitive test used to diagnose dementia went after Biden’s mental acuity, hoping to paint him as mentally unfit for the presidency. Ironically in the process of doing so, Trump revealed his own cognitive weakness.

“And the worst is when he’s in like in Indiana and he says it’s great to be in Florida and you have palm trees all over the place,” Trump said of Biden, tripping over his own hypothetical scenario. “But he does it all the time. There’s something going on,” he added.


It should go without saying that Indiana is not known for its palm trees, while Florida is. If Trump wanted his little barb to make sense he would have had to accuse Biden of being in Florida with palm trees and saying how great it is to be in Indiana. One could not hope for a more succinct distillation of why these kinds of attacks are doomed to fail for him.

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