August 19, 2022

Trump Vs. Trump: new video remix shows the president interviewing himself in Axios re-edit

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Donald Trump does not have much good to say about journalists whom he refers to as “Fake News” the minute anyone has the temerity to challenge his truth-deficient responses to their questions.


Indeed, his animosity towards anyone but a few sycophantic right-wing extremist talking heads on Fox News and OAN is obvious and legendary.

Now, thanks to the magic of digital editing, Trump has finally found an interviewer who deserves all the nasty epithets that he likes to lob at those who prefer facts to his nonsensical spin — himself.

Using raw material from the highly embarrassing interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios that debuted on HBO on Monday evening, a new video — originally posted to YouTube by Justin T. Brown — imagines exactly how an encounter between Trump and his equally clueless doppelganger might look like.

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Perhaps some enterprising news network can set up cameras in a hall of mirrors and place Trump in the center of it with a list of questions to ask himself.

If this imaginary self-interview can be so entertaining, just imagine what the real thing could be like.

A hall of mirrors is a narcissist’s heaven. Perhaps we can just leave Trump in there trying to find his way out. Likely if he finds his way out by election day, the hall of mirrors will resemble the streets of Beirut today with shards of broken glass scattered everywhere.

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